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MG Windows Sign up for Support from the Super Spacer Dealership

Edgetech, the most cost effective Warm Edge Technology supplier, is delighted to welcome Northampton based M G Window Systems into the Super Spacer Dealership Network.

Operating since 1992, priding themselves on offering a great service and top quality products, Gary Frost, Managing Director of M G Window Systems explains: “We switched to using Super Spacer in our units when the legislation changed in October and have since been able to offer our customers a cost effective range of energy rated windows. We’ve been successful with customers who are looking for the best overall package as we offer a top quality energy efficient product at an affordable price.

“We joined the Super Spacer Dealership Network as really you would be mad not to! You get a business support package ranging from marketing materials to sales support and it doesn’t cost a penny to join. We have a good relationship with Edgetech and have already seen the productivity benefits of introducing Super Spacer into our offering. We are looking forward to an increase in sales, despite the tough economic backdrop.”

Central CRC Help Installers Differentiate with the Dealership

Edgetech, the most cost effective Warm Edge Technology supplier, warmly welcomes Central CRC Windows, Doors and Conservatories into the Fabricator Super Spacer Dealership.

Martyn Elwell, Sales Director for the West Midlands based company, explains: “For some time before the legislation was revised in October we had been implementing changes in order to meet the updated standards and as part of those alterations, we switched to warm edge technology about six months ago. We took the time to consider which would be the right warm edge product for us and it was obvious at that point that Super Spacer from Edgetech offered much more than its competitors. Signing up to the Dealership means that we are able to arm our customers with all the tools they need in order to win business giving them the best possible chance against their competitors. Offering excellent thermal efficiency backed with a 20 year warranty and an extensive suite of marketing support, Super Spacer from Edgetech was definitely the right choice for Central CRC.”

AC Yule Supplies TriSeal Units to Skibo Castle

Edgetech customer AC Yule has recently supplied TriSeal insulated glass units for a renovation project at the prestigious Skibo Castle in the Scottish Highlands. The units were specified for the roof of a swimming pool area to provide reduced condensation and improved durability. Mark Yule, Marketing Director at AC Yule explains: “The building that is home to the magnificent marble swimming pool is completely new but has been rebuilt on the footprint of the original space as much as possible. The installation for this project took 6 weeks and included curtain wall sloped glazing with the average panel size sitting at 2500mm x 1000mm. The roof also incorporated vents that are operated by a computer to take into account internal and external conditions of the space. AC Yule is often involved in prestigious projects like this one because we can manufacture large glass units that have all the energy efficiency, aesthetic and durable benefits specifers and architects are looking for.”
Skibo Castle is one of the most exclusive hotel resorts in Scotland and is home to the prestigious Carnegie Club. It was originally a 13th century stone tower house with a courtyard, built as a residence fortress of Gilbert de Moravia, Bishop of Caithness. Skibo Castle continued as a residence for Bishops until 1545. It was rebuilt as a large fortified palace for John Gray in 1545 and when Andrew Carnegie bought the estate and built a mansion in the 19th century, the old castle was included in the structure.

Gasglass Saves Sealed Unit Manufacturer's Money

Edgetech, the most cost effective Warm Edge Technology in the UK, has been the sole distributor for Gasglass since February this year and in just nine months the non-destructive gas testing device has proven to be a success. Alan Fielder, Director of Sales and Marketing for Edgetech explains: “Gasglass was launched at our ‘Journey to C’ nationwide series of seminars at the beginning of the year and has been saving sealed unit manufacturers money ever since. Manufacturers need to test a minimum of three sealed units a day to comply with EN1279 Part 6. Using the traditional destructive testing methods, this can cost manufacturers a lot of money. When you take into consideration daily raw material costs, lost margin of opportunity, and the investment in the necessary equipment, sealed unit manufacturers can be spending between &pound5-6,000 every year on testing their units. Gasglass’ non-invasive way of measuring the argon and krypton fill level of insulating glass units allows manufacturer’s to test as many units as they want, without losing the opportunity to sell the units afterwards.

“All of our sales team have had training on how to use the device correctly so are able to give live demonstrations to customers and potential customers nationwide. Gasglass allows a freedom of movement and total quality control for windows and doors in the factory or in the field. The portable, user-friendly detector and sensor design allows for more accurate measurements at lower fill levels ranging up from 50 percent argon fill level with high precision. For all these reasons we’re confident Gasglass will continue to benefit sealed unit manufacturers everywhere. And members of Edgetech’s Part 3 Club, for companies that have passed Part 3 with Super Spacer, can get a substantial discount on the Gasglass device.”

1st Call Vista Sales Soar with Super Spacer

Edgetech customer, 1st Call Vista in Cornwall is seeing sales soar with it’s ‘A’ rated Super Spacer windows. Liz Johnson Partner at 1st Call Vista explains why: “1st Call Vista is a family run business that was established 21 years ago. While the market has changed significantly in that time our philosophy has stayed the same – differentiate our products to stay ahead of the rest of the market, and sell products that will benefit customers. We switched to Super Spacer double glazed units from Premier DGU when we were looking to offer the best ‘A’ rated window in the area. Although it was before the revisions to Building Regulations were confirmed, we could see energy rated products were the direction the market was moving and that’s what consumers wanted. We now offer a ‘C’ rating as well as an ‘A’+6 rating and even though the ‘C’ rated window is slightly cheaper, a high percentage of our sales are for the ‘A’ rated option. Consumers and builders alike are biting our arm off for the more energy efficient option. We do some radio advertising on our Super Spacer offering as well as some occasional local magazine advertising, but most of our business comes from recommendations. Consumers are now actively calling us for our energy rated solution.

“We operate in an extremely competitive area of the country where we often find ourselves competing for work against several one man bands offering cheaper alternatives. We win the business because of the quality of our products and the level of our service. We joined Edgetech’s Fabricator Dealership in May because it reinforces our offering and gives even more confidence to homeowners. We also appreciated the training Edgetech supplied to our sales team as part of the Dealership programme. Some of our sales team were concerned about selling our new ‘A’ rated product offering, not least because of the price uplift compared with our other products. But after the training they received from Edgetech they were fired up and are already selling more windows as a result.”

Mel Jones, Edgetech’s Business Development Adviser working closely with 1st Call Vista, adds: “Edgetech is helping customers grow their sales with high performance products backed up with real sales and marketing support. 1st Call Vista has taken advantage of all of the support we offer and as a result is seeing sales soar, despite the fact the general market is still struggling to grow. It’s great to see companies like 1st Call Vista that have the foresight to lead the rest of the market, reaping the rewards.”

1st Call Vista was the first company in its area to register with FENSA and is now the first company in the area to offer an ‘A’+6 Window Energy Ratings. It can also offer consumers a range of colour options on their windows and doors, from its in-house colour bonding facility, that will still give them the ‘A’+6 rating.

Join Edgetech’s Part 3 Club

Edgetech, the only dedicated manufacturer of Warm Edge Technology in the UK, has launched a Part 3 Club to celebrate the number of its customers that have passed EN1279 Part 3 in their own right. Andy Jones, Managing Director of Edgetech explains: “EN1279-3 is the European standard measuring gas loss from a sealed unit and as it becomes increasingly important, we want to help our customers demonstrate their credentials. Window Energy Ratings are the most obvious way for installers to comply with Building Regulations, so gas filled units will become even more common place to ensure that higher ratings can be achieved. Any sealed unit manufacturer filling their units with gas should already have this part of the standard but as more gas filled units come into the marketplace to improve the overall energy efficiency of a window, they must also achieve EN1279-3 to be compliant.

“While Part 3 is renowned for being a stringent standard to achieve, the majority of Edgetech’s customers pass the test first time and in their own right, so without having to call on the substitution rule within EN1279 part 1 unlike many of our competitors. The outdated substitution rule may allow for companies to use their existing Part 3 pass with aluminium spacer to substitute for other box spacers but at what potential liability cost to the customer? Not only is the substituted spacer made up from a product which expands and contracts at a very different rate to that of aluminium which puts added stress on the sealant, but in many cases the substituted bar is manufactured using a completely different manufacturing process i.e. cut and corner key verses a bar bent system. With non destructive gas testing with devices such as Gasglass now available within the market, manufacturers need to be more confident than ever that their products will hold up to scrutiny in the field. After all it is their liability, not the liability of the spacer bar supplier. If the spacer product of choice is proven not to perform adequately to meet the regulation requirement due to the process change in manufacture, or if the spacer material is not compatible to the sealant type, or indeed if the expansion and contraction of the spacer puts excessive stress on the integrity of the seal, the customer could potentially be putting their business on the line for a short term saving in not getting the products tested in the first place. After all would we accept that just because a seat belt works in one car that it will work in all cars?

“In true Edgetech style we want to take our customers’ achievement to the next level. That is why we are launching our Part 3 Club. Part 3 Club is specifically for companies that have passed EN1279-3 with Super Spacer. Members will benefit from special product discounts, dedicated marketing materials that quickly demonstrate their credentials to their customers, and Part 3 club customer days. Companies new to gas filling and looking to pass Part 3 can get in touch for advice, technical support and now the marketing materials to promote their achievement.”

Gasglass Success for Padiham Glass

Padiham Glass, one of the UK’s leading independent manufacturers of high performance insulated glass units, was one of the first companies in the UK to invest in the new version of the gas analysing technology, Gasglass, distributed exclusively by Edgetech. Jeremy Kemp, Operations Director of Padiham explains: “Since we gained accreditation to EN1279 Part 3 for our gas filled units with Super Spacer some time ago we have been acutely aware of the need to ensure effective quality control. Before we invested in the Gasglass technology we were using the destructive method of gas testing units which was extremely time consuming and cost us a considerable amount of money. Obviously once you’ve tested a unit to destruction it’s then not fit for use and is wasted. The new device makes the job effortless. It’s great from a quality control point of view too, because the device gathers all the necessary information and then downloads it directly to a PC at the push of a button.”

Andy Jones, Managing Director of Edgetech adds: “The Gasglass device is the first to enable testing without compromising the integrity of the IG unit. The Gasglass technology for gas measure is the first non-invasive way of measuring the argon and krypton fill level of insulating glass units. The portable, user friendly detector and sensor design can be used to test both initial fill and the retention of insulating gases in a unit over time.”

Custom Glass Passes Part 3 First Time with Super Spacer

Custom Glass has been using Edgetech’s Super Spacer to future proof its products while consistently increasing volumes, but has also recently achieved Part 3 first time with the only warm edge product to be manufactured in the UK. Jeff Hooson, Managing Director of Custom Glass explains: “When Custom Glass was established 25 years ago it differentiated itself from the competition with outstanding customer service, including quick deliveries. We’ve grown substantially since then – we’re now manufacturing 2,500 units a day – but have stuck to our principles and still offer daily deliveries to customers. To ensure we can continue to offer this level of service despite our growth we need high performing products that ideally aid our productivity, which is exactly what Super Spacer gives us. As demand for Window Energy Ratings, and therefore gas filled sealed units continues to grow, it’s essential to provide high performance units. We weren’t happy to rely on substitution as a means of compliance because ultimately we are responsible for the units we sell – we believe the fact we passed Part 3 the first time of submitting units to test, demonstrates the level of product performance we promise our customers.

“As Custom Glass has grown, so too has its product portfolio. Starting out in the domestic sealed unit market, 40% of its products now go into the commercial sector. We have four lines in our factory – one dedicated to our high performing roof glass and shapes, one specialising in toughened units, another dedicated to decorative glass and our fourth specialising in our venetian blind units. We offer all different kinds of glass products such as self-cleaning, laminated, toughened and high performance low-e to name just a few. Market demand was a key driver in Custom Glass’s decision to invest in a semi automated Willian line to apply the Super Spacer technology, as more of its customers began to demand Super Spacer over other warm edge technologies they were using. Super Spacer is a great component to support our product range because it ticks all the boxes – it is easy to fabricate, improves the energy efficiency of a unit and is suitable for high volumes so future proofs our products while we grow.

“Custom Glass’ management team has a combined 150 years experience in the industry, so we know what works and what doesn’t with regards to products and the wider market, but we will continue to work in close partnership with our suppliers and customers to keep delivering what the market wants and needs.”

FV Conservatories & Windows Joins the Super Spacer Dealership

FV Conservatories and Windows used their local ‘Journey to C’ workshop as an opportunity to sign up to the Fabricator Super Spacer Dealership with Edgetech. Tony Vaughan, father of the family running FV Conservatories and Windows, explains why they decided to join this growing network: “We’re a small family run company that relies on recommendations for new business so we want close alliances with suppliers we can trust. Edgetech and its Super Spacer Dealership are ahead of the rest of the market and as a result add credibility to our already comprehensive offering. Because we are not a massive company, we can easily provide what our competitors struggle to do and offer customers a personal touch from the point of first contact, through the selling process to final completion. Our whole company philosophy revolves around our clients and Edgetech’s full business support package for its customers and its customers’ customers fits with this philosophy very well.

?Products that are environmentally friendly or ‘green’ are the future so we wanted to ensure we are giving our customers the most future proof option with our energy saving windows. That’s also why we attended Edgetech’s ‘Journey to C’ event – to ensure we stay ahead of changing legislation before it happens, rather than scramble to meet it as it’s being introduced. We believe our partnership with Edgetech and Dealership IGU manufacturer Double R Glass and Roofing Systems will stand us in good stead to continue delivering the personal, quality service that differentiates us from our competitors.”

Cleartherm Stays Active – on and off the Pitch

Edgetech Super Spacer Sealed Unit Dealer and manufacturer of fully automated Super Spacer gas filled units, Cleartherm, is staying active on and off the pitch! Managing Director of Cleartherm, Dave Laing explains: “Last year we celebrated 20 years in business with 8% growth and this year things show no sign of slowing down. But I’m also keeping ahead of the competition outside of the factory, on the football pitch, in my role as Chairman for our local football club, Barwell FC. Both roles require commitment as well as a determination to succeed.

“I put Cleartherm’s growth down to the fact we have stay focussed on our objectives, continuing to invest in our company, products and services. The latest investment we have made is the brand new 18 tonne curtain sided vehicle we have just added to our existing fleet of 3 heavy goods vehicles to help us stay ahead of the increasing demand for our stillaged glass sealed unit deliveries. We’re now manufacturing in excess of 4,000 units per week which allows us to be very competitive with fully certified glass sealed units conforming to BS: EN1279 parts 2 and part 3 which are supplied through large fabricators or smaller fabricator installers. With the continuing trend towards Window Energy Ratings, our ability to supply units meeting the specification that allows our customers to achieve an ‘A’ rating should keep all our vehicles busy for the foreseeable future!

“Barwell FC has also enjoyed the finest season in the club’s history. We are Midland Alliance League champions by an 18 point margin over runners-up Coalville, having gone through the whole league season unbeaten and achieved record points (114) and goals for (125) tallies while conceding a miserly record 18 goals against. We were at one point just 90 minutes away from Wembley, having reached the semi-final of the FA Vase competition. We put up a fantastic display over two legs but were finally beaten in time added on by the holders Whitley Bay. We also reached the final of the Westerby Cup but fatigue finally took its toll and we went down 2-1 to Loughborough Dynamo from the Unibond League at the Walkers stadium. A magnificent season though by any standards.”

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