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Traditionally, insulating glass units used a metal double glazing spacer bar to separate the two panes of glass. Typically made from aluminium, these metal spacer bars were highly conductive and facilitated heat loss rather than preventing it.

Warm edge double glazing spacer bar systems were developed to overcome the challenges of using aluminium and help prevent heat transfer and condensation on insulating glass units. We launched our first Super Spacer warm edge spacer bar in 1989.

Super Spacer is a non-metal, pre-desiccated, structural foam spacer system, which provides excellent perimeter insulation for sealed glazing units, whilst significantly simplifying insulating glass production.


Spacer Bars That Improve Productivity

Creating insulating glass units with our warm edge Super Spacer bar removes a significant amount of labour from the manufacturing process. This streamlines and enhances the production line and improves productivity. The warm edge Super Spacer bar is less labour intensive as it doesn’t need to be cut into bar length form. It doesn’t need to have a PIB primary seal applied and it doesn’t need to be filled with desiccant either.

We offer three entry levels for warm edge Super Spacer bar production, with proven equipment choices selected from several leading manufacturers. Whatever your production levels and budget, we’ll have a Super Spacer bar solution to suit.

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Tried & Tested Spacer Bars

Super Spacer passes EN1279 Part 2 and Part 3; a legal requirement for all sealed insulating glass unit manufacturers in the UK. We’ve also subjected the warm edge spacer bar system to rigorous testing worldwide, to meet our customers’ needs internationally. Super Spacer is proven to withstand temperatures from -40° to 85°C – well beyond any temperatures we experience in the UK.

  • A unique dual seal system
  • Advanced multi-layer vapour barrier
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • More than 100 EN1279 Part 2 & Part 3 passes
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Benefits of Edgetech Super Spacer Warm Edge Spacer Bars

From improving energy efficiency to enhancing the productivity of manufacturing insulating glass units, our Super Spacer warm edge technology delivers many great benefits.

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Energy Efficient Glass Spacer Bar

94% of energy loss through a window using an aluminium spacer system occurs at the edge of the glass. This is due to the highly conductive nature of the metal used. Over 950 times less conductive, our warm edge Super Spacer bar is the ideal solution to achieve energy-efficient windows. It also blocks heat loss and notably reduces energy costs. Super Spacer windows reduce window U-values by up to 0.2W/m2K. This allows windows to achieve the highest Window Energy Ratings possible.

  • Reduces condensation by up to 70%
  • Up to 65% warmer at the internal edge
  • Successfully tested from -40° to 85° C
  • Over 950 times less conductive than aluminium
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High Quality Spacer Bars

Our Super Spacer warm edge spacer bar delivers unrivalled product quality and has consistently been shown to outlast other dual seal systems by 2½ times. Long-lasting quality is our guarantee and at Edgetech we stand behind our best-in-class products with our 40-year performance guarantee.

  • Up to 2 decibels reduction in noise
  • 40-year performance guarantee
  • Excellent resistance to Nitrogen and Argon gas absorption
  • Structural integrity for extreme durability
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A Spacer Bar With a Neutral Appearance

Super Spacer warm edge spacer bar systems take on the appearance of the colour of the profile into which it is glazed. For example, if Super Spacer is glazed into a white profile, the spacer bar will reflect white. This unique feature eliminates the need to stock a wide range of different colours and simplifies ordering and stock control.

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Find a Super Spacer Supplier

Looking for insulating glass units with warm edge spacer systems? Get in touch with our team to find a supplier local to you.

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What is a spacer bars on a double glazed unit?

A spacer on a double-glazed unit refers to a component that helps maintain the gap between the two glass panes in a double-glazed window or door. It is typically a thin, rectangular strip made of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, or thermally insulating materials like foam or rubber.

The primary purpose of a spacer is to create an insulating barrier and provide structural support for the double-glazed unit. The spacer is placed along the edges of the glass panes and forms a sealed space between them, known as the “insulating glass unit” (IGU). This space is typically filled with air or a gas like argon or krypton, which further enhances the insulating properties of the unit.

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Are thermal spacer bars worth it?

Thermal spacer bars, like those offered by Edgetech in our Premium range, are considered worth it for several reasons. They are designed to enhance the thermal performance of windows, which can lead to significant energy savings by reducing heat loss. These spacer bars help in maintaining a consistent temperature at the edge of the glazing unit, thereby reducing condensation and improving the overall comfort within a room. Additionally, by improving energy efficiency, they contribute to a reduction in heating costs and environmental impact.

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What is the best spacer for windows?

The best spacer for windows largely depends on specific requirements such as thermal performance, durability, and aesthetic preferences. Edgetech offers a range of high-quality spacer bars, including our Premium range, which are designed to provide excellent thermal insulation and contribute to the overall energy efficiency of the window. These spacers are recognized for their ability to reduce heat loss and condensation while enhancing the window’s longevity.

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Employee Benefits

Your Wellbeing Is Our Highest Priority

It’s only thanks to thousands of skilled, talented, dedicated staff members that’s we’ve been able to build Edgetech into the world-leading business it is today.

Ensuring their wellbeing is therefore one of our highest priorities. In addition to competitive salaries and some of the industry’s most rigorous employee safety policies, we offer range of benefits including:

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