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What is TruFit?

TruFit is Warm Edge for windows from Edgetech UK. It’s a form of window seal tape that provides an effective thermal barrier at the edge gap between the window or door frame and the reveal – ensuring true energy rating performance and a long-life weathertight window and door seal.

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Why Choose TruFit

Your Wellbeing Is Our Highest Priority

It’s only thanks to thousands of skilled, talented, dedicated staff members that’s we’ve been able to build Edgetech into the world-leading business it is today.

Ensuring their wellbeing is therefore one of our highest priorities. In addition to competitive salaries and some of the industry’s most rigorous employee safety policies, we offer range of benefits including:

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With TruFit insulation tape you are assured the best installation from Edgetech UK

Keep cold air out, keep warm air in and retain the energy rated performance of your new windows and doors with TruFit.

TruFit is a compressed foam insulating seal for quick and clean window installation. It expands to effectively seal all gaps and spaces between the frame and wall, to ensure consistent weather protection, air tightness and eliminate draughts.

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The price of poor installation

Most modern windows and doors are highly energy-efficient and designed to save you money on heating. However, if your windows are fitted without a properly insulated window tape you may not be getting the full energy-saving benefits you’ve paid for.

On average, TruFit retains up to 23% more heat compared to traditional installation methods.

Thermal imaging shows how much heat is lost at the edge of the window using traditional sealing methods, compared to TruFit which keeps heat inside. You can count on TruFit installation tape to effectively seal doors and windows.

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Find a TruFit Supplier

If you would like your windows installed with TruFit, please contact Edgetech and we’ll direct you towards local window installers that use TruFit.

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Download our TruFit Product Guide

TruFit is warm edge for windows. It provides an effective thermal barrier at the edge
gap between the window or doorframe and the reveal – ensuring true energy rating
performance and a long-life weathertight seal.

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Can I replace the seals on my windows?

Yes, you can replace the seals on your windows. Window seals, also known as weatherstripping, can wear out over time and may need to be replaced to maintain proper insulation and energy efficiency.

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What does a window insulator do?

A window insulator is a device or material that helps to improve the energy efficiency of windows by reducing heat transfer and minimizing air leakage. It serves several important functions: Thermal Insulation, Energy efficiency, Draft prevention, Noise reduction and Condensation control

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Installing fitting upvc window with Trufit installation tape

What is the best tape to stop draughts?

When it comes to selecting tape to stop drafts, one effective option is TruFit Window Insulation Tape. TruFit is a popular brand that offers window insulation tape specifically designed to seal gaps and prevent drafts around windows.

TruFit Window Insulation Tape is a foam-based tape with adhesive on one side. It is designed to be applied along the edges of windows to create a tight seal and prevent air leakage. The foam material provides excellent insulation properties and helps to block drafts effectively.

TruFit Window Insulation Tape is known for its durability, easy application, and flexibility. It adheres well to various surfaces and can be easily cut and customized to fit different window sizes and shapes.

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How do I stop cold air coming through my windows?

To stop cold air from coming through your windows, Edgetech recommends using their TruFit Window Insulation Tape. This is a pre-compressed foam insulation tape that provides a thermal barrier between the window or door frame and the reveal. It ensures true energy rating performance and a long-life weathertight seal. TruFit expands to effectively seal all gaps and spaces, providing consistent weather protection, air tightness, and eliminating draughts. The tape retains up to 23% more heat compared to traditional installation methods, helping keep warm air in and cold air out.

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