Edgetech are a subsidiary of the Quanex Building Products Corporation. Quanex are a global business who are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. As part of Quanex, Edgetech have incorporated their Four Pillars Strategy, Customers, Employees, Shareholders, and Community into our business model. The pillar of shareholders is the one that holds all the others together.

Providing shareholders with excellent returns

The best way we can serve our shareholders is by excelling in the areas covered by the other three pillars. We continually offer our customers innovative products which are market-leading and used on a global scale. As the use of double glazing spacer bar becomes more commonplace across the glazing industry, our shareholders will reap the rewards of this success.

Being an Edgetech shareholder isn’t all about financial returns. Edgetech spacers are playing an integral role in the international drive to tackle climate change. When an IGU (Insulated Glass Unit) is manufactured with Edgetech spacers, it becomes far more thermally efficient. Edgetech spacers are now helping to reduce carbon emissions in residential and commercial buildings across the world.

ESG (Environmental, social, and corporate governance) at Edgetech

Although our products are extremely important and an integral part of our company, it’s not just our products that make Edgetech so successful, it’s also what we’re doing as a business. We place great emphasis on staff development. The team at Edgetech are given many opportunities to develop their career and we have created a working environment which is safe and empowering. By building a skilled workforce of motivated and engaged individuals, we can then pass on this positivity and drive for success to all our shareholders.


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