chris alderson

Chris Alderson

Chris Alderson is Managing Director here at Edgetech UK. His role is to oversee the performance of the company as a whole and here we ask about his priorities at Edgetech and why he’s proud to be a part of the Quanex family.

“I joined Edgetech as Managing Director in 2016 and my primary function is to ensure that the business operates to the highest possible standards in all areas, but especially in terms of safety, customer satisfaction and business performance.”

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Emma Leaney

As UK Financial Controller, Emma’s role covers lots of departments at Edgetech. Here she talks about what she does and why she’s proud to work for Quanex.

“I joined Edgetech UK in November 2017 as Assistant Financial Controller and have really enjoyed working alongside such an amazing team. Following my promotion in November 2019 to UK Financial Controller I now oversee the Finance department.”

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tony palmer

Tony Palmer

As Head of Sales, Tony oversees the UK sales and technical activities to ensure that customers are making the most of their manufacturing…

“I joined Edgetech UK in November 2010 as part of the Field Sales Team and I was promoted to my current position as Head of Sales in May 2019.”

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Gary Shoesmith

As Technical Development Manager, Gary leads several key projects which aim to further develop Edgetech’s impressive product range.

“I originally joined Edgetech in 2008 when I worked as Director of Operations and Quality until 2014. After working in a variety of different roles, I rejoined Edgetech in 2017 as Technical Development Manager.”

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Jason Blundred

As Head of Operations and Customer Experience at Edgetech UK, Jason is responsible for looking after the UK manufacturing units and ensuring customer care is always to the highest possible standard..

“I have worked at Edgetech for over 15 years. It is a great place to work and in my current role, I oversee all aspects of maintenance, engineering, and logistics. I also manage all parts of customer care at Edgetech, helping the wider team to deliver outstanding services to all our customers.”

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Mike Moran

Mike Moran is Edgetech and Quanex Global Market Director. Mike brings over two decades of sector experience to the role, having previously served as Commercial Director at Sanglier, and spent 18 years in commercial leadership roles at Bostik.

Mike holds a Master’s (MSc) degree in Polymer Science from Manchester University, and has gained further qualifications from Wolverhampton University, Stafford College and Ghent University Management School.

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Ensuring their wellbeing is therefore one of our highest priorities. In addition to competitive salaries and some of the industry’s most rigorous employee safety policies, we offer range of benefits including:

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