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Chris Alderson is Edgetech’s Managing Director, and a member of the Quanex board.



Managing Director Chris Alderson tells us about his role in manufacturing original flexible foam warm edge spacer

In 2016 I was lucky enough to become Managing Director of one of the world’s leading warm-edge spacer manufacturers.

I’m responsible for overseeing all of Edgetech’s operations across Britain and the rest of Europe, and managing our sites in the UK and Germany.

Left a fantastic foundation to build on by the company’s founders and previous management, I’ve sought to continue that legacy of excellence and innovation.

We’ve embarked on an intensive period of new product development, which has yielded a number of outstanding new spacers.

These have included Super Spacer® Genesys, Super Spacer® TriSeal® SG and T-Spacer® SG.

We’ve also invested extensively in our premises to maximise safety, efficiency and product quality.

In addition to running Edgetech, I also serve as a member of the Quanex board, and help determine the group’s strategic direction as it seeks to grow from $1.2bn to $2bn.

How does your role support customers?Edgtech UK Management team

As Managing Director, I oversee every aspect of Edgetech as a business, and my top priorities are the safety and wellness of our employees, and ensuring we deliver for our customers.

It’s my job to make sure we have the talented people, the innovative products and the right resources to give IGU manufacturers world-class service.

I also try and use my platform to advocate for the UK IGU sector, and recognise the huge contribution they make to sustainability and building performance more generally.

Why are you proud to work Edgetech?

As part of Edgetech and Quanex more generally, I’m extremely proud to be part of a genuinely world-leading business.

On quality, innovation, staff safety and customer service, Quanex is at the forefront, and it’s a fantastic place to work.

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