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Traditionally, insulating glass units used a metal double glazing spacer bar to separate the two panes of glass. Typically made from aluminium, these metal spacer bars were highly conductive, and facilitated heat loss rather than preventing it.

The first single seal warm edge spacer bar was introduced in the 1960s, and has been redeveloped today as Duralite from Quanex. Ideal for high-volume production of double and triple pane insulating glass units, Duralite spacers optimise argon retention and moisture prevention.

Applied in a single step using heat, minimal compression and just one corner seam, combined with Low-E glass and argon gas, this high-performance spacer produces one of the highest performing, energy-efficient window systems possible.

The need for each corner to be mechanically joined and sealed is eliminated with Duralite, which provides a unique approach to solving the challenge of installing double glazing within conservation areas. Duralite’s flexibility and low sightlines allows it to follow the variable surface of traditional hand-blown glass with ease and finesse.

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Duralite Spacer Features

  • Non-metallic
  • Composite Laminating Technology
  • Superior edge sealing technology
  • Warmer edge of glass temperature
  • Lowest conductivity warm-edge spacer
  • Superior Argon gas retention
  • Heightened condensation resistance
  • Black sightlines
  • Smooth appearance
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Duralite Technical information

  • Preassembled with an air-filled polycarbonate shim, butyl sealant, a three-sided continuous moisture barrier and a desiccated topcoat
  • Reduces window U-values by up to 0.08W/m2K
  • Excellent Bondline Adhesive UV resistance
  • Dew Point Development: -20° F (-29° C) in 48 hrs
  • Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate: 0.09 g H20/m² per 24 hrs
  • Argon Permeance: 6-8 c.c/100 in.² per 24 hrs
  • Volatile Fogging: Passes
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What is a glass spacer?

A glass spacer, also known as a spacer bar, is a component used in the construction of double-glazed or triple-glazed windows. It is a strip made of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, or thermally insulating materials like foam or rubber.

The glass spacer is positioned along the edges of the glass panes in the window unit. Its primary function is to create a sealed space between the glass panes, known as the “insulating glass unit” (IGU). This space is typically filled with air or a gas like argon or krypton to enhance the window’s insulating properties.

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How do I lower my U-value?

To lower the U-value of your windows, which means improving their insulation quality, you can use high-performance spacer bars like Edgetech’s Duralite®. These spacer bars are designed to minimize heat transfer through the window, thereby reducing the U-value. Duralite® spacers, with their unique design and materials, contribute to creating more energy-efficient glazing units by reducing the amount of heat lost.

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