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Stay up to date with the latest news and announcements from Edgetech UK here. With over 10 years worth of insightful industry blog posts to browse through, there are categories covering covering topics like ancillaries, awards, commercial projects, company updates, energy efficiency, industry updates, and more.

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Edgetech Product Images

Detailed images are a great way to capture your audience’s attention – after all, seeing is believing. Our comprehensive photo library allows you to view a range of Edgetech products like our Super Spacers®, TruFit™, and TruPlas®. Tailored to your specific requirements, download high-resolution images here:

Product Images

Edgetech Logos

The Edgetech and Quanex logos are instantly recognised for industry-leading quality and performance. Driving the building and construction market forward with efficient insulating glass spacer components is what we do. So, if you need to use Edgetech branding in print or online press publications, download our official corporate logos here:

Edgetech Logos

About Us

As creators of market-leading insulating glass spacer systems, we’ve always challenged ourselves to deliver more for our customers – putting the needs of IGU Manufacturers and Installers at the centre of everything that we do. Whether it’s creating products that exceed industry standards in thermal efficiency or enhancing the production line to boost productivity, Edgetech creates and delivers the tools our customers need to excel.

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Why Choose Edgetech?

Working in the glazing industry, you'll want to offer your customers the highest performing products available today. With Edgetech technology incorporated into your IGUs, you can do just this.

The UK government has recently pledged to go carbon neutral by 2050. To do this the glazing industry faces increasingly strict regulations for the thermal performance of its products. By choosing Edgetech, you can offer your customers the most thermally efficient products and prepare for any future legislation surrounding energy efficiency performance.

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Environmentally Friendly

Protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions for a more sustainable future.


Online Ordering

Simple and efficient online ordering system for direct access to Edgetech products.


Global Expertise

Internationally renowned spacer bar technology to meet strict industry standards.


Trusted Partnerships

Working alongside numerous global partners for a more energy efficient future.

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