TruPlas Family

Our TruPlas family of products range from rigid, glass reinforced thermoplastic warm edge spacer systems for insulating glass units, to SDL (Simulated Dividing Lite) bars to create an authentic multi-pane effect for single glazing units and a complete range of connecting keys.


TruPlas Rigid Warm Edge Spacer

Introducing rigid, glass reinforced thermoplastic spacer technology. TruPlas has been designed for increased stability and strength over other rigid warm edge spacer bars. It features a ridged surface for a more traditional appearance.

TruPlas has 8x more perforations than other rigid spacers for improved airflow during insulated glass production.

TruPlas is a dual seal insulating glass spacer system, backed with a proprietary multi-layer moisture vapour barrier. These high-performance insulated glass spacers are compatible with a number of sealants.


Why Choose a TruPlas Thermoplastic Spacer?

  • Very good UV resistance with excellent high and low-temperature performance
  • 8 x more perforations than other rigid spacers prevents HMB “blowing out” in the corners
  • Complete range of keys available for cut and key and Georgian applications
  • Uses proven vapour barrier with an advanced acrylic, which strengthens under heat
  • TruPlas passes EN1279 Parts 2, 3 & 6
  • ISO 9001 Accreditation
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TruPlas SDL Thermoplastic System

TruPlas SDL is a glass reinforced thermoplastic bar and clip system designed to outperform traditional SDL products. TruPlas SDL creates an authentic multi-panel effect within a single insulating glass unit.

Available in black, white and grey, TruPlas SDL uses a bar and clip system that is compatible with all rigid and flexible spacer bars using a range of clip options.   These include:

  • Cruciform Clips

    TruPlas SDL cruciform clips use a specially designed anchoring system to ensure the clip stays securely in the bar to guarantee squareness of the grid.

  • Super Spacer Manual Clips

    TruPlas SDL Super Spacer manual clips have an offset fin which is trapped between the spacer and glass interface to secure and square the bar in the airspace of the grid.

  • Rigid Spacer Staple Clips

    TruPlas SDL rigid spacer staple clips use a specially designed anchoring system, ensuring that the clip will stay securely in any rigid spacer.

  • Super Spacer Automatic Clips

    TruPlas SDL Super Spacer auto clips offer quick secure placement into pre-notched locations in the spacer to assure grid accuracy and stability.

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Why choose TruPlas SDL?

  • Unique I-beam design for greater rigidity within large span units
  • Available in 4 sizes with 2 width and 2 cavity sizes
  • Available in three colours; Black, grey and white
  • Full range of connecting keys available in all colours
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TruPlas Connecting Keys

TruPlas rigid warm edge spacer and TruPlas SDL are available with a complete range of connecting keys for cut and key and Georgian applications for insulating glass units.

Standard Corner Key

  • Available in black, white or grey to match the TruPlas spacer bar and TruPlas SDL colour options to maintain the edge aesthetic

  • Available for a wide range of cavity widths, from 8mm to 20mm

Gas Corner Keys

  • Available in black, white or grey. The TruPlas gas corner keys are available with or without a hole for injecting gas

  • Gas key plugs are available to ensure gas is effectively sealed inside the unit

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What is warm edge spacer bar?

A warm edge spacer bar is a type of spacer used in double-glazed or triple-glazed windows. It is designed to enhance the energy efficiency and thermal performance of the window unit.

The warm edge spacer bar is typically made of materials that have lower thermal conductivity than traditional spacer materials like aluminum. Common materials used in warm edge spacers include thermally optimized plastics, stainless steel, and composite materials.

The primary purpose of a warm edge spacer bar is to reduce heat loss and improve the overall insulation of the window. By using materials with lower thermal conductivity, it helps to minimize the transfer of heat between the interior and exterior of the window unit.

Rigid Warm Edge Spacer Bars
spacer bar
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What does a warm edge spacer do?

A warm edge spacer, such as Edgetech’s TruPlas Spacer Bar, is designed to reduce heat transfer at the edge of insulating glass units. This type of spacer provides better thermal insulation compared to traditional aluminum spacers, leading to improved energy efficiency in windows. Warm edge spacers help in lowering U-values, reducing condensation, and enhancing the overall performance of the window.

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