Super Spacer®

Super Spacer is the leading foam warm edge spacer on the market, offering easy application, 100% memory and exceptional thermal efficiency and condensation resistance.

Thanks to its flexible construction, Super Spacer makes manufacturing units quick and easy, and can significantly streamline your operation. Super Spacer units can be manufactured in under twenty seconds. Even using our most basic, entry-level manual application tools, we’ve seen some people assemble a unit with it ready for secondary sealing in under 15 seconds.

Upgrade to a fully-automated Super Spacer line, and the efficiency gains drastically increase. A nine-person line applying traditional rigid spacers can produce around 1,200 units every shift.

A high-speed automated Super Spacer line, by contrast, can produce 23.5% more units and requires just 3 employees to operate. In total, that equals savings of approximately £180,000 every year.

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Super Spacer® TriSeal™

But Super Spacer isn’t the only flexible spacer that Edgetech can provide.

Super Spacer TriSeal is a more heavy-duty product, used on ambitious architectural projects all around the world.

Its 100% memory means that no matter how much an IGU expands or contracts under pressure, it will always return to its original position. At the same time, it’s flexible enough to move with the glass which reduces the stress on the glass edge.

It features a unique side PIB sealant bead which means it is compatible with any secondary sealant. This makes it perfect for commercial glazing applications requiring structural backing sealants.

What’s more, its matt material finish means that it blends in with all window colours too, offering seamless aesthetics.

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Our flexible spacer range also includes Duralite – a durable, single-seal, high-performance product that can be applied in a single step for outstanding thermal performance and cost-effective volume manufacturing.

The need for each corner to be mechanically joined and sealed is eliminated with Duralite, which provides a unique approach to solving the challenge of installing double glazing within conservation areas. Duralite’s flexibility and low sightlines allows it to follow the variable surface of traditional hand-blown glass with ease and finesse.

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TruPlas® – an exceptional rigid spacer bar

We also provide class-leading rigid spacers, too – like TruPlas, which offers superior performance over metal spacers. Made of glass-reinforced thermoplastic, TruPlas has brought excellent stability and energy efficiency to homes around the world.

Metal spacers or rigid spacers can easily switch to TruPlas using the same machinery.

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The next generation of spacers

We’ve also been hard at work in recent months developing a new generation of spacer bar products.

Super Spacer® T-Spacer™ SG is a metal-free, silicone-based warm edge spacer made of structural foam, with an integrated desiccant that’s been designed for the toughest commercial applications.

T-Spacer SG offers enhanced shape memory, which is critical for the long-term integrity of the edge compound. Its elastic structural foam follows climate-related movements of the glass, relieving a large proportion of the load from the butyl seal.

This is a huge advantage in parts of the world that experience fluctuating temperatures.

T-Spacer SG also follows in the long-established Edgetech tradition of offering superb energy efficiency, achieving thermal conductivity of just 0.19 W/m2k.

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The UK government has recently pledged to go carbon neutral by 2050. To do this the glazing industry faces increasingly strict regulations for the thermal performance of its products. By choosing Edgetech, you can offer your customers the most thermally efficient products and prepare for any future legislation surrounding energy efficiency performance.

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