Flexible Warm Edge Spacer Bars

Our flexible warm edge spacer bars are designed to help prevent heat loss, reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and eliminate mould causing condensation within insulated glass units. Our double glazing spacer bar range includes Duralite, Super Spacer Premium, Super Spacer® Heritage™, TriSeal and T-Spacer.

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Rigid Warm Edge Spacer Bars

Our rigid warm edge spacer bars create increased stability and strength for insulating glass units and feature a ridged surface to give a more traditional appearance. Our rigid warm edge spacer range includes TruPlas glass reinforced thermoplastic spacer bar technology and Aluminium spacer bars.

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A pre-compressed foam sealing tape for modern window installation, TruFit® acts as an effective thermal barrier at the edge gap between a window or door frame. This provides a true energy rating performance and a long-life weathertight seal.

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