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What is Edgetech Super Spacer Heritage?

Super Spacer Heritage is an elegant 21st-century spacer bar solution to an age-old problem; high performance with outstanding slimline unit aesthetics.

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super spacer heritage

Super Spacer Heritage Tech Explained

Super Spacer Heritage is a high-performance warm edge spacer system. It is designed especially to meet the needs of the restoration, replication and refurbishment sectors, where the overriding criterion is authenticity. Desiccant filled with pre-applied adhesive, the structural foam heritage™ super spacer significantly simplifies sealed unit manufacture. As well as intuitively enabling slim sightlines and narrow unit cavities.


Super Spacer Heritage Bar Features

  • High-performance heritage bar with outstanding aesthetics
  • Neutral appearance that blends with any frame finish for outstanding aesthetics
  • Available with unit cavity options of 4mm, 6mm and 8mm
  • Just 3mm in depth, achieving ultra-slim sightlines every time
  • Super Spacer Heritage tech is applied using Edgetech’s unique Heritage Shuttle. This provides ruler-straight, slimline edges and sharp 90° corners, which enabling fast application with excellent productivity
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Where is the spacer on a window?

The spacer in a window is located along the edges of the glass panes within a double-glazed unit. It is positioned between the two glass panes and runs around the perimeter of the window.

When you look at a double-glazed window from the side or edge, you will see the spacer as a thin strip that separates the glass panes. It creates a sealed space between the panes, which is typically filled with air or a gas for insulation purposes.

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How do you insulate historic windows?

Insulating historic windows can be challenging due to the need to preserve their aesthetic and structural integrity. Edgetech’s Super Spacer® Heritage is designed specifically for this purpose. It offers a low-profile, warm-edge spacer bar that enhances the thermal performance of the window while maintaining the traditional appearance required for heritage properties. The Super Spacer® Heritage reduces heat transfer and condensation risk, thus improving insulation without compromising the window’s historical look.

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