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truplas rigid spacer perfect for Georgian barsWhat are Georgian bars?

Georgian bars are bars fitted to windows to give them a Georgian style. They can be applied to the inside or outside of a window pane horizontally and vertically to produce a grid pattern that is typical of Georgian period windows. The material used for Georgian bars normally matches the window frame and come in uPVC, timber or aluminium.

Are Georgian bar windows more expensive?

Georgian bar windows can be more expensive than standard casement windows because of the extra material used and the additional time it takes to manufacture. However, the total expense will depend on the size and material that the windows are made out of.

Complete window frame with Georgian barsAre Georgian bars old fashioned?

Georgian windows are old fashioned because the style dates from the 18th century. When they were first used the windows were made up of individual small panes of glass that sat inside the grid pattern created by the Georgian bars. Now the Georgian bars are purely aesthetic and suit Georgian style properties and can add character to any home.

How do Georgian bars fit?

Georgian bars are fitted to window panes by using clips that are attached to the sides of the glass. The centre clip is then positioned and measured. Surfaces are cleaned, adhesive tape is applied and the Georgian bars which are then applied to the glass.

truplasWhat is the difference between Astragal and Georgian bars?

The difference between Astragal bars and Georgian bars is that Georgian bares are only fitted to the inside of the double glazed unit and Astragal bars are fitted inside and outside the double glazed unit.

Our Georgian bar product

We offer spacer bars that are perfect for Georgian applications. The TruPlas® Spacer Bar is Edgetech’s rigid, glass reinforced thermoplastic spacer bar technology. The bars can be used to create an authentic multi-pane effect for single glazing units and a complete range of connecting keys. TruPlas is perfect for any of your Georgian bar needs.

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