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As Head of Sales, Tony oversees the UK sales and technical activities to ensure that customers are making the most of their manufacturing..

I joined Edgetech UK in November 2010 as part of the Field Sales Team and I was promoted to my current position as Head of Sales in May 2019.

While I now have more responsibilities at a senior level a large part of my role is still to maintain close relationships with our customers. My role is effectively to be the bridge between what we can do in terms of product and service provision and what our customers are trying to achieve in the market place. I support the external team, develop our partnerships with top machinery and supply companies and act as the voice of the customer among my colleagues to ensure we are continuously improving our support offering.






How Does Your Role Support Customers?

Although I’m a sales representative, it’s not just about getting sales. At Edgetech, we offer a full support package to our customers.

My illustrious career in the industry began back in 1984 at Clayton Glass, when I worked as a window fabricator, I then moved across into glass production.

I have 26 years’ experience in glass processing having worked at some of the leading glass companies in the UK. Other industry partners I have worked for are Guardian Glass on the float line and Promac in machinery sales, so I have a good understanding of IGU manufacturing machinery.

My background helps me to support customers in a way that someone just selling a spacer bar couldn’t.Super Spacer Premium

With my experience and understanding of the factory, I can advise on the layout of Insulated Glass Unit manufacturing lines and talk to customers about creating training programmes for IGU manufacturing.

One of our customers had quite an old-fashioned and inefficient IGU production line when I first went to talk to them. I managed to source a second-hand line and help them get it up and running with Super Spacer so that they could improve their manufacturing efficiency cost effectively.

The team and I are always on hand to support customers with any manufacturing questions they have. We all have loads of experience, so we can offer advice based on real experiences. It’s a great position to be in, because it’s not just about talking to the buying decision makers, it’s talking to the whole team, to make sure that customers are manufacturing as efficiently as possible.

It helps me to build a better relationship with customers and it gives them confidence that the Edgetech product they use does exactly what it says on the tin!


What Makes You Proud to Work at Edgetech & Quanex?

I’m proud to work at Edgetech & Quanex because it’s a business with strong core values that supports and adds value to the energy efficient window industry. I’m also proud to be a representative for a company that supplies good quality products into the marketplace.

Since I’ve been at Edgetech, there hasn’t been a day I’ve woken up and thought ‘Oh no, I’ve got to go to work’. I genuinely enjoy my job and I think that speaks volumes about Edgetech as an employer, the products we sell and the customers I work with.

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