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Edgetech, the most cost effective Warm Edge Technology in the UK, has been the sole distributor for Gasglass since February this year and in just nine months the non-destructive gas testing device has proven to be a success. Alan Fielder, Director of Sales and Marketing for Edgetech explains: “Gasglass was launched at our ‘Journey to C’ nationwide series of seminars at the beginning of the year and has been saving sealed unit manufacturers money ever since. Manufacturers need to test a minimum of three sealed units a day to comply with EN1279 Part 6. Using the traditional destructive testing methods, this can cost manufacturers a lot of money. When you take into consideration daily raw material costs, lost margin of opportunity, and the investment in the necessary equipment, sealed unit manufacturers can be spending between &pound5-6,000 every year on testing their units. Gasglass’ non-invasive way of measuring the argon and krypton fill level of insulating glass units allows manufacturer’s to test as many units as they want, without losing the opportunity to sell the units afterwards.

“All of our sales team have had training on how to use the device correctly so are able to give live demonstrations to customers and potential customers nationwide. Gasglass allows a freedom of movement and total quality control for windows and doors in the factory or in the field. The portable, user-friendly detector and sensor design allows for more accurate measurements at lower fill levels ranging up from 50 percent argon fill level with high precision. For all these reasons we’re confident Gasglass will continue to benefit sealed unit manufacturers everywhere. And members of Edgetech’s Part 3 Club, for companies that have passed Part 3 with Super Spacer, can get a substantial discount on the Gasglass device.”

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