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Edgetech, the most cost effective Warm Edge Technology in the UK, has come out on top in the latest Warm Edge Technology comparison report. Andy Jones, Edgetech’s Managing Director explains: “Working in conjunction with Rehau and IFT, we embarked on a study to determine the most energy efficient combinations of glass and Warm Edge Technology spacers. The combination of windows tested included the Rehau Brilliant Design 70 and the Rehau Geneo system with both double and triple glazing. All the components remained constant including the glass, sealant and sealant depth, except the spacer system. Eight different types of WET were then inserted into all combinations and compared against one another. Edgetech’s Super Spacer offering came out on top on all combinations, proving it to be the highest performance WET on the market. The study is based on psi values and the resulting overall window u-values, but of course best performance in these terms is also good news for companies looking for the best Window Energy Ratings. Add to this Edgetech’s complete business support offering and the fact that Super Spacer is proven time after time to be the most cost competitive warm edge offering on market, companies looking to thrive now that more stringent Building Regulations are in place, have everything they need to do just that.”

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