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Edgetech customer AC Yule has recently supplied TriSeal insulated glass units for a renovation project at the prestigious Skibo Castle in the Scottish Highlands. The units were specified for the roof of a swimming pool area to provide reduced condensation and improved durability. Mark Yule, Marketing Director at AC Yule explains: “The building that is home to the magnificent marble swimming pool is completely new but has been rebuilt on the footprint of the original space as much as possible. The installation for this project took 6 weeks and included curtain wall sloped glazing with the average panel size sitting at 2500mm x 1000mm. The roof also incorporated vents that are operated by a computer to take into account internal and external conditions of the space. AC Yule is often involved in prestigious projects like this one because we can manufacture large glass units that have all the energy efficiency, aesthetic and durable benefits specifers and architects are looking for.”
Skibo Castle is one of the most exclusive hotel resorts in Scotland and is home to the prestigious Carnegie Club. It was originally a 13th century stone tower house with a courtyard, built as a residence fortress of Gilbert de Moravia, Bishop of Caithness. Skibo Castle continued as a residence for Bishops until 1545. It was rebuilt as a large fortified palace for John Gray in 1545 and when Andrew Carnegie bought the estate and built a mansion in the 19th century, the old castle was included in the structure.

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