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Edgetech, the only dedicated Warm Edge Technology manufacturer in the UK, is pleased to announce Westcountry Glass as the latest in a rapidly expanding number of customers to achieve an EN 1279 Part 3 pass with its Super Spacer Warm Edge Technology. Mark Norcliffe, Director at Westcountry Glass explains what the Part 3 pass means to the company: “We joined the Edgetech Super Spacer Dealership in August last year and have enjoyed the sales and marketing support that comes with that, but achieving our Part 3 pass with Super Spacer ensures we can help our customers achieve Window Energy Ratings and stay ahead of any proposed changes to Building Regulations.

“We believe in working closely with our suppliers and customers to ensure we provide the end user with the best possible solution. Edgetech offers such an outstanding level of support on all fronts, we’re confident we can maintain our strong position in the market and perhaps more importantly, pass on this level of support to our customers. This partnership is precisely why we are proud to be supporting Edgetech’s ‘Journey to C’ initiative in the West Country. It’s a great opportunity for us to reach the thousands of fabricators and installers that still need help in obtaining their own Window Energy Ratings.

“We have future proofed our business with a fully automated ForEl Super Spacer applicator with on line gas filling, toughening facilities on site and full access to Edgetech’s Dealership support for us and our fabricator customers – many of our customers have already signed up for the extra level of support offered in the Super Spacer Fabricator Dealership.”

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