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“We’ve never been let down”: why Building Product Solutions work with Edgetech

A leading South Yorkshire IGU manufacturer has begun buying from warm-edge pioneers Edgetech – motivated in part by the company’s intuitive new e-commerce platform.

Founded in 2009 amid a deep recession, Rotherham’s Building Product Solutions overcame the economic crisis to become a highly respected presence in the IG sector, noted for its commitment to innovation and consistent quality.

The company has won loyal customers around the region with its strong work ethic, quick turn-around times and excellent service – and it was its desire to continuously improve that led it to enquire with Edgetech.

Industry leading warm edge spacers

“We switched over to Edgetech because of the great combination of supply and cost-effectiveness they were offering,” comments Dominic James of Building Product Solutions.

“Their e-commerce offering was also a big factor in why we decided to switch, and has benefitted us greatly.

“So far, they’ve always met our demand. We’ve never been let down. Even in the current climate, we can rely on them for great service.”Tony Palmer - Account Manager

Edgetech’s Head of Sales, Tony Palmer, comments: “We were delighted that Building Product Solutions chose Edgetech, and that they’ve benefitted from our e-commerce platform.

“We implemented e-commerce to make customers’ lives easier. Our library feature allows users to save their previous orders, so they can quickly and simply re-order each time.

“We’d strongly encourage any IGU manufacturers looking to save time, increase productivity, have consistency and quality in application from a supplier you can trust to improve their business across the board to get in touch!”

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Heritage success for Slenderpane

Warm Edge Super Spacer Bar Heritage for traditional rebate

Double-glazing has been the norm for so long now that it’s easy to forget there are still thousands of buildings around Britain where conventional double-glazed units just aren’t an option.

Often, that’s because strict conservation rules won’t allow it. Sometimes, it’s simply because a homeowner doesn’t want to spoil an older property’s vintage aesthetics.

But whatever the reason, it means there’s still significant demand for IGU manufacturers who can offer 21st-century performance in slim, heritage-appropriate packages.

High-performance slimline IGUs

Since 2011, Buckinghamshire-based Slenderpane have been providing exactly that – high-performance slimline IGUs that are virtually indistinguishable from single-glazed units.

Their ultra-slim sightlines allow for the elegant fixed-glazing bars that are part of the character of so many period properties – and Slenderpane’s decade of heritage glazing experience, combined with the skill and expertise of their spacer supplier, Edgetech, mean that their units pass EN1279 Parts 2 and 3 with flying colours.

“At Slenderpane, our goal has always been to provide outstanding quality double-glazed IGUs that don’t require heritage property owners to compromise on aesthetics,” comments Technical Sales Manager Dave Parker.

“Edgetech have played an integral role in us reaching that objective, and their advice and support has been invaluable, particularly when it came to EN1279 testing.

“Passing Parts 2 and 3 shows customers around the country that we’re able to offer the high-performance heritage IGUs they need to help older homes achieve modern energy efficiency standards – and with less than thirty years to go until the UK’s 2050 deadline for net zero carbon, that’s more relevant than ever.”

Edgetech Managing Director Chris Alderson comments. “We’re delighted that Slenderpane are continuing to see success with their heritage units.

“Super Spacer® Heritage™ was expressly designed to help leading manufacturers like Slenderpane achieve traditional aesthetics, fast application, high levels of productivity, and, above all, exceptional unit performance.

“We look forward to continuing to support them for many years to come.”

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Edgetech and Quanex mark ten years of partnership

It’s been ten years since world-renowned spacer manufacturer Edgetech became part of billion-dollar building products group Quanex.

Back in 2011, Edgetech was already a leading spacer supplier, and one of fenestration’s most forward-thinking companies.

It was that legacy of innovation and product excellence that caught the attention of Quanex, which had grown from humble beginnings in South Lyon, Michigan to become a New York Stock Exchange-listed building products powerhouse.

“This is a fantastic milestone, and has given us all cause to reflect on everything Edgetech and Quanex have achieved together over the last decade,” comments Edgetech Managing Director Chris Alderson.

“From the very beginning, the two businesses were an excellent fit – both committed to health and safety, employee wellbeing, product innovation, sustainability, and much more.

“Since 2011, those synergies have enabled us to continue pushing boundaries, developing new products, and cementing Edgetech’s reputation as a global leader in spacer technology.

“Fittingly, as we enter our second decade as part of Quanex, we’re currently in the process of implementing a new, group-wide four tier strategy designed to guide our development in the coming years.

“Each of the four tiers represents a crucial stakeholder that we serve – customers, employees, shareholders, and the community.

“By doing everything we can to delight and exceed the expectations of each of these sectors, we know we can build a business that’s even stronger, more innovative, and that provides an even better service to customers all around the world.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank George, our CEO, and the rest of the Quanex executive leadership for all their support and encouragement over the last decade, and we’re extremely excited to see what we can achieve together in the years ahead.”

Quanex President and CEO George Wilson comments: “I’ve worked very closely with Chris and the Edgetech team over the last ten years, and we’re delighted they’re a part of the Quanex family.

“Their dedication to product excellence, innovation and providing the highest quality customer service is an asset to the Quanex Group, and I look forward to working with them further in the decade to come.”

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Two new starters and one milestone anniversary

Chris Alderson, Edgetech’s respected Managing Director, is marking his five year anniversary at the company.

Chris joined the world-renowned warm-edge spacer manufacturer back in 2016, after more than twenty years spent in a series of senior roles at adhesive and sealant experts Bostik.

The sales, operations and management expertise he gained there made him the perfect choice to take the helm at Edgetech.

Under Chris’ leadership, Edgetech has embarked on an intensive period of new product development, which has already yielded results with many exciting new product innovations in the pipeline.

Initially, in addition to running Edgetech’s British operations from the company’s Coventry base, he also oversaw its business in the Asia Pacific region.

More recently, he’s assumed leadership of Edgetech’s European arm, based in Heinsberg, Germany.

“I’m very proud of what we’ve managed to achieve over the last five years,” Chris comments.

“I was fortunate to have an excellent foundation to build on, and assisted by dozens of dedicated and passionate employees, we’ve been able to continue Edgetech’s long legacy at the forefront of IGU innovation.

“The last year in particular has demonstrated the resilience and adaptability of the Edgetech workforce, and thanks both to them and incredibly supportive Edgetech customers around the country, we’ve managed to come through a very challenging year with an excellent performance.

“Going forward, we’ll be continuing to push the boundaries of warm-edge spacer technology, help our customers improve their efficiency and productivity, and raise the profile of the fantastic (and sometimes sadly undervalued) work of the British IG sector.”

Continally investing in products, people and customer support

One of Chris’s top priorities as Managing Director has been continual investment not just in products, but also people and customer support.

So, in addition to celebrating his five-year milestone, Edgetech have also kicked off 2021 by welcoming two new recruits.

Hamzah Sheikh has strengthened the company’s finance team as a Trainee Accountant, bringing with him a broad experience gained in accounts roles in a number of private and public organisations.

Meanwhile, Tracey Powell has joined as Customer Services Administrator in Edgetech’s fast-growing Customer Fulfilment Team. Tracey’s wealth of customer service experience will prove invaluable as the company continues to improve upon its successful ‘customers at the centre’ initiative.

“We’re delighted to be welcoming Hamzah and Tracey, and we look forward to benefitting from their skills and experience in the years ahead”, Chris comments. “If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that a resilient business is built on the back of talented, dedicated and adaptable people.”

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Edgetech Super Spacer used in KÖ-Bogen project, Düsseldorf, Germany

The KÖ-Bogen building complex is located in downtown Düsseldorf close to the Hofgarten – the city’s central park. It is a visually impressive structure with a large, curved glass façade and unusually shaped architectural design. For the development project, Edgetech supplied Super Spacer for use in the glass structure measuring over 2,200m².

KÖ-Bogen projectStylish multi-use complex in one of Germany’s largest cities

The KÖ-Bogen building enjoys an enviable location in the heart of Dusseldorf city centre. It has been designed to tastefully complement its urban setting with its bold architectural style, while also referencing the close location of the Rhine river and the natural environment with its use of non-standard curtain walling.

The six-storey building complex functions as a multi-use arena for over 40,000m² of office and retail space. Two buildings have been joined under one continuous roof, connecting the pedestrianised streets nearby with the Hofgarten park. The east and west blocks are connected via a terraced roof bridge while the green space below is illuminated by the optimized use of natural light.

Collaborative working for a spectacular building

When working on such a large scale and architecturally impressive project, collaboration was essential. Working alongside Building Client Glasbiegerei Döring and with world renowned architect New York based Daniel Libeskind, Edgetech were tasked with supplying Super Spacer for all the 2,200m² of glass.

Each individual element of the glass façade measured either 1.35m x 2.70m or 2.70m x 5.60m to meet the architectural design. With the building standing at 26 metres in height and with a 500m circumference, it was essential that all parties were aligned when specifying the glazing. Fortunately, Edgetech’s years of experience in high-profile glazing projects were instrumental in bringing the project to a successful conclusion.

Carsten Kunert of Glasbiegerei Döring commented on the project: “The requirement for excellent energy efficiency and the desire for curved glass façades in architecture is increasing and this project is a stunning example of how well those two things can be executed side by side, with no compromise necessary. Super Spacer® is easy to apply and offers excellent performance in the field.”

Super Spacer used in high profile London Project Lightbox

Edgetech Project Lightbox
London’s Finsbury Avenue Square is located in the heart of the city’s financial district. The British Land Corporation, who manage the site, wanted to create a visually impressive exterior space to attract tourists and brighten up the journey of commuters passing through the square on their way to Liverpool Street Station. The renovation of the square was carried out by a company called Artistic Licence who designed and installed the LED lighting system.

Super Spacer specified for performance

The project is one of the world’s largest exterior lighting installations. 100,000 colour changing LEDs were used with over 650 double glazed sealed units used to house the lighting. As a ground level exterior installation, it was essential that the glass units were as airtight as possible to limit the potential for water and air ingress which would have a negative impact on the light emission.

Managing Director of Artistic Licence, Wayne Howells had to thoroughly research his options when sourcing the best protective technology for the light boxes. He selected Edgetech’s Super Spacer because of its superior performance and long guarantees stating:

“A unique project like this has to be done right. From the beginning the technical support was excellent. Someone was always available if we had questions.”

An award-winning installation

The project, being based in such a high-profile location has attracted much interest since its completion. The 15cm wide LED light boxes produce a spectacular effect on passersby and thanks to the use of five different lengths, the effects range from half a metre to almost 2 metres. The intensity of the LED lights is computer controlled to produce over 16 million different shades with the square changing colour every night.

Since completion in 2004, the installation has won multiple awards including: 2004 Winner of Exterior Lighting by the Lighting Industry and Federation, and the Light and Design Award by IEIJ. It was also highly commended by the FX Awards in 2005. The installation has proven popular with locals and tourists alike, both of whom have been stunned by the visual spectacle which through the use of colour change lighting technology, can create ambient lighting from the softly subtle to the vividly vibrant.



Green on the Grand, Ontario – a sustainable commercial success story

The ever-increasing need for low energy commercial building construction is felt throughout the world.

Green on the Grand is a collective design effort between Ian Cook Construction and Enermodal Engineering Ltd. Their vision was to create a building that featured significantly lower energy and environmental costs than conventional commercial buildings, heavily weighted towards energy and water conservation, whilst promoting a healthy internal environment and seeking greater leasing rates.

Bordering Ontario’s Grand River, the smooth integration between the building and the landscape was another essential element to consider.

Super Spacer® – sustainable materials for efficient envelope design

Built on 1.4-acres in the Lancaster Corporate Centre site and covering 22,000 sq.ft, the selection of windows and doors was critical to issues of heat loss and heat gain through glazing. So, to accomplish comfortable indoor air quality throughout, all the windows were triple-glazed, double low-E coated, double argon filled and produced with flexible silicone Super Spacer®.

Measuring its success by lease-rates, bearing in mind that the commercial tenancy rate in Kitchener was less than 80%, when construction was completed, Green on the Grand was fully leased. Tracking its progress through its first year also reveals the annual energy savings were approximately $7,700, surpassing initial estimates by 10%.

High-efficiency, low-tech building design

Constructed between 1995-1996, six years on from completion, Enermodal president and building designer Steven Carpenter praised the project, stating “Just for the record, we haven’t had a single seal failure in any of our windows. All have operated just fine.”

“The one surprise to me,” he notes, “is that since we’re very close to a multi-lane expressway, I’ve been very impressed with the windows’ soundproofing. We have operable windows, and if you open one, suddenly you realize, ‘Oh, I’m beside an expressway!”

“Windows are the most important thing to look at in trying to minimize summer cooling loads,” added Carpenter.

LEED Silver Standard green building rating

The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design standard (LEED) is a four-tiered credit-based rating system that awards points based on compliance with different aspects of sustainability. Impressively exceeding ASHRAE 90.1 energy efficiency guidelines by 50%, although Green on the Grand pre-dates the inception of the LEED rating system, it is estimated at a high LEED Silver standard. Achieving the highest grade offered by the BREEAM rating system, Green on the Grand was awarded outstanding in design and excellent in operation and maintenance.

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