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T&K Home Improvements Uses TruFit To Boost Ecoplus Range

T&K Home Improvements' Ecoplus Installation using TruFit

“At T & K Home Improvements, we like to be innovators in the market,” says Chief Operations Officer, Paul Woods, “and TruFit® fits the bill for us.”

The Northamptonshire-based installation company is the sister company of well-known PVCu fabricator Emplas and offers energy efficient windows, doors and conservatories to homeowners across the region.

Earlier this year, T & K Home Improvements introduced TruFit, expanding foam edge tape from Edgetech UK, to its installations.

Paul explains: “We needed an installation system that offered clean lines and dependable reliability that would outlast the guarantee on our Ecoplus range which has been developed using our own profile.

“Traditional ‘wet’ sealants like expanding foam and silicone can fail after a period, but TruFit offers a completely dependable, energy efficient seal that maintains the high energy ratings of our energy efficient windows.

“It also offers customers a more cost-effective alternative to triple glazing. Our Ecoplus range, installed with TruFit, offers a premium installation to homeowners, with the levels of thermal performance they are looking for, without the added cost of triple glazed units.”

T&K Installation using TruFit from Edgetech UKAs part of Edgetech’s service, installation training using TruFit was provided to the fitting teams at T & K Home Improvements.

“Edgetech was very helpful during the initial set-up for our installation teams,” continues Paul. “They did a full training session for our fitters and they even came to site on a few of our first installations, to check that the teams were happy with using the product.

“Overall, TruFit helps us to offer a premium installation for customers.”

The revision of the BS8213-4:2016 standards saw foam fitting tapes, like TruFit added to the code of practice for the survey and installation of windows and external doorsets.

For more information on T & K Home Improvements, visit or to find out more about using TruFit to maintain Window Energy Ratings, visit

Edgetech is a Construction Marketing Award Finalist with TruFit

Construction Marketing Awards Finalists EgdetechEdgetech UK, the driving force of energy efficient glazing, has been named a finalist in the Construction Marketing Awards 2016 for Best Branding and Positioning for TruFit®, the expanding foam edge tape used to install windows.

The ‘Don’t just fit it, TruFit it’ campaign has brought foam window installation tape to the top of the agenda in the glazing industry with fantastic results.

More window installation companies have turned to TruFit to systemise their window fitting with the quicker, cleaner and more cost-effective installation method and BS8213-4:2016 best practice for window installation now includes impregnated foam tapes.

Head of Marketing at Edgetech UK, Charlotte Davies said: “At Edgetech we identified a literal gap in window efficiency and brought TruFit to market to help window fitters maximise the performance of the products they are fitting.

“I’m really pleased to be a finalist for this great industry award. We worked hard to bring TruFit to window installation companies across the country. TruFit featured on five stands at FIT Show 2016 along with a tongue-in-cheek gun amnesty where fitters swapped their silicone guns for rolls of TruFit.

“We’ve also taken it a step further and are supporting TruFitters with a complete marketing support package to help them sell the benefits of using our installation tape to homeowners too.

“Sales of TruFit are growing exponentially and we’ve got exciting plans for next year.

“We have impressive competition in our category. As a new brand in the industry we’re honoured to have been named finalists and we’re really looking forward to the ceremony.”

Edgetech is up against four other finalists for Best Branding and Positioning. The winner will be announced at a glittering ceremony at the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel in London on 1 December.


Click to find out more about fitting windows with TruFit exapnding foam edge tape and systemising your window installation process.

Everglade Becomes the Latest TruFit Advocate

Everglade windows adds value for customers by offering TruFit

TruFit® featured as part of the Expert Marketplace at Everglade’s Customer Conference ‘Become a Legendary Business’ and received lots of interest from Everglade customers. As a result, Everglade has become the latest advocate for TruFit, supplying it to customers as an alternative fitting method for its huge range of aluminium and PVCu windows and doors.

Sales Director at Everglade, Jay Patel said: “After seeing TruFit demonstrated at FIT Show 2016, we thought it would be a great addition to offer our customers, who are all about top-quality installations. High interest in TruFit at this year’s conference proved that our customers had a real interest in simplifying their installation methods, whilst maintaining their reputations for the highest standards, premium products and flawless installations.”

A business 36 years in the making, Everglade fabricates a range of aluminium and PVCu windows and doors from its two factories in West London and prides itself on dedicated customer support and technical back-up.

Lee Ackroyd, Territory Sales Manager at Edgetech UK said: “It’s great to have a pioneering fabricator like Everglade on board with TruFit. After attending the customer conference, I understand how Everglade sets itself apart by offering as much support as possible to customers. In that way, Everglade and Edgetech have very similar supplier attitudes.”

The conference gave Everglade customers the opportunity to see TruFit first-hand and ask about the recent revision of the BS8213-4:2016 code of practice for the survey and installation of windows and doors.

Edgetech and Everglade will work together to support customers making the change from silicone to TruFit

TruFit eradicates the need for silicone and extra trims when installing windows and doors, which proves very popular with window installation companies looking for easier, more efficient, cleaner fitting methods. It’s also a major positive for companies who work with coloured sashes and struggle to colour match silicone.

Jay added: “TruFit is ideal for installing aïr, the most impressive range of bi-fold and lift & slide doors, exclusively manufactured by Everglade. Fitting with TruFit will mean a cleaner finish, protecting the special aïrcoat dirt resistant textured paint from any silicone smears.

“Backed with full technical support and training from the Edgetech team, TruFit adds another dimension to our offering, helping our customers to become legendary.”

Energy Efficiency in Glazing – What’s Changed in 10 Years?

It’s been ten years since the first WER seminar was held. ‘Increase your profits: Energy Efficiency in Focus’ was sponsored by Edgetech and brought together 223 key decision makers from the industry to talk about energy efficiency in glazing. The seminar was filled with debate on the big issues at the time: cutting VAT on Energy Saving Recommended Products, gas loss and the longevity of sealed units.

“As the voice for energy efficient glazing, Edgetech not only played a part in sponsoring the first WER seminars, but was interested in the bigger picture of the industry. Looking back its interesting to see how the predictions have manifested into actions and how far the industry has come,” explains Head of Marketing Charlotte Davies.

2006 energy efficiency in glazing seminarThe 2006 seminar predicted that by 2010: ‘C’ rated windows would be offered as minimum, a major retailer would be offering ‘A’ rated windows as standard and the next revision to Part L of the building regulations would see window thermal efficiency become even more stringent.

In 2006 only a handful of companies had registered for WERs. Around 50 products carried a WER label and Warm Edge Technology had only one percent market share. Three years later, at the 2009 seminar, ‘Edgetech: Energy Efficiency in Focus – Revisited’, more than 200 companies had registered over 1,200 window products to the WER scheme.

“In just those three years, we saw a huge change of attitude in the industry and WERs became an essential way for companies to survive,” continues Charlotte.

The 2009 seminar focussed on market difficulties as the UK began to fall into recession and the 2010 Part L revision loomed. Possible solutions discussed at the seminar included high performance double glazing and triple glazing. The tightening performance requirements, combined with production efficiencies, drove the growth of Super Spacer® and warm edge spacers have now become mainstream in the industry with up to 80% of units incorporating the technology.

2010 workshops for the journey to C rated energy efficient windowsThe nationwide series of ‘Journey to C’ workshops held by Edgetech in 2010 helped companies to prepare for the revised building regulations as a minimum ‘C’ WER became a route of compliance for replacement windows – as predicted by the 2006 seminar.

“As it stands, the seminar timeline finishes in 2014 with The Triple Glazing Question. An event which gathered leading industry figures to talk about the latest issues and opportunities for the glazing industry.

“At Edgetech, we’ve always developed and championed products which improve energy performance down the supply chain and we’re seeing a movement of interest to the next gap in efficiency – the perimeter of the window.

“Installation tapes, such as TruFit®, offer consistent insulation to maintain the performance of the extremely energy efficient windows now on offer. By eradicating the need for silicone and extra trims when installing windows and doors it’s also easier, more efficient and cleaner to fit with. Coloured profiles are another big market trend and TruFit offers a solution to the struggle of colour matching silicone. The expanding foam edge tape gives a clean, defined line between any frame and aperture combination.

“It’s seldom that products come along capable of transforming an industry. It happened with warm edge spacers and now we’re seeing the same shift with TruFit warm edge for windows. That’s why we say: one day all windows will be fitted this way.”

TruFit takes a stand at Everglade Windows Customer Conference

Lee Ackroyd from EdgetechLee Ackroyd, Area Sales Manager for Edgetech UK, talks about Everglade Windows Customer Conference.

This was my first time at an Everglade Customer Conference and, I have to say, I was impressed.  Bringing new products to customers is clearly important to Everglade; their showroom had become an expert marketplace, giving customers first-hand information from key suppliers.

After seeing TruFit® demonstrated at FIT Show, Everglade’s sales director, Jay Patel, was keen to include it at the conference. Even though products like TruFit have been used for many years in the commercial market, they’re only just getting recognition as a viable alternative for domestic installation companies. Perhaps, most importantly, expanding foam installation tape has been included in the recent revision of the BS8213-4:2016 code of practice for the survey and installation of windows and doors. TruFit has led the way in the revolution for change in fitting methods.

Expert marketplace

Having Edgetech’s stand in the expert marketplace meant I could meet up with other suppliers, including Kömmerling, Palladio and HAS Resolution. With so many companies supporting Everglade, their customers could speak to their suppliers direct and get expert advice.

TruFit was very popular. Many people knew about it already, but this was a good opportunity to see it in action. Most people wanted to know what benefits it brings and how easy TruFit is to install, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to answer their queries face-to-face.

TruFit on show at the expert marketplace at the Everglade conference

Best practice for installation companies

The installation tape is ideal for home improvement companies who want to offer customers best practice for fitting windows and doors. Many of Everglade’s customers install high-end products and the internal and external look of the individual products is greatly enhanced by using TruFit.

The expanding foam installation tape gives a professional finish compared to other sealant options. There are some installations where it’s almost impossible to get a good finish with wet sealants and the neatness of TruFit is highlighted further when installed against uneven stone or ultra-smooth render.  The way TruFit fills the gap between the window frame and the wall gives a consistent neat finish. No additional plastic trims are required when installing using TruFit, so nothing detracts from the beauty of the window and door frames. This is a big selling point for homeowners.

Coloured windows and doors

Coloured window and door frames often cause additional headaches for installation companies. Buying in matching trims or having window and door trims sprayed can cause extra delays as they’re often special order items. Because using TruFit means no trims are needed, this can help with scheduling for home improvement companies and cost savings for the homeowner.

Apart from the look of TruFit, there are the energy efficiency gains from using it. In a standard installation the perimeter of the window is the weakest point when it comes to heat loss. Edgetech put TruFit into the test lab, and it proved to retain more heat than using traditional wet sealants. This means it will consistently reduce draughts and cold spots, creating a more comfortable environment for homeowners.

Rain doesn’t stop play

For installers it doesn’t take more than a few installations using the expanding foam installation tape to get used to the new fitting method. There are other benefits too; TruFit isn’t affected by rain so companies lose fewer days to adverse weather. TruFit is cleaner than silicone and that’s good for installation companies who want to keep uniforms clean.

TruFit is a perfect fit

TruFit is perfect for any home improvement company that installs windows and doors. It offers a modern alternative method for fitting that gives homeowners real benefits in both looks and energy efficiency. Everglade’s customers are just the type of companies who champion best practice and have driven the professionalism in the industry.

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