Warm Edge Spacer Bar Systems

These small but mighty components play a crucial role in the insulation of doors and windows, helping to keep your space warm in the winter and cool in the summer. View the entire range of our spacer bar systems below.

super spacer

Super Spacer® Premium

Warm edge double glazing spacer bar systems were developed to overcome the challenges of using aluminium and help prevent heat transfer and condensation on insulating glass units. Super Spacer® Premium is a non-metal, pre-desiccated, structural foam spacer system, which provides excellent perimeter insulation for sealed glazing units, whilst significantly simplifying insulating glass production.

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Super Spacer® Heritage™

Super Spacer® Heritage™ is an elegant 21st-century spacer bar solution to an age-old problem; high performance with outstanding slimline unit aesthetics.
Super Spacer Heritage is a high-performance warm edge spacer system. It is designed especially to meet the needs of the restoration, replication and refurbishment sectors, where the overriding criterion is authenticity.

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super spacer heritage
t spacer

TriSeal™ and T-Spacer™ flexible, wamr-edge spacer bars

For the most demanding commercial applications, we’ve developed Super Spacer TriSeal.

Its incredible strength makes longevity issues a thing of the past, while its flexible design allows it to move with the glass itself when subjected to strong winds or changing pressures.

TriSeal has excelled in some of the most stringent testing global construction has to offer.

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Duralite® Spacer Bar

Duralite is a flexible, single seal spacer bar that features composite laminate technology. Duralite spacer bars optimise argon retention and moisture prevention, creating a high-performance spacer bar that producesthe highest performing, energy-efficient window systems possible.

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TruPlas® Spacer Bar

TruPlas is a dual seal insulating glass spacer system, backed with a proprietary multi-layer moisture vapour barrier. These high-performance insulated glass spacers are compatible with a number of sealants. TruPlas spacer bars hav 8x more perforations than other rigid spacers for improved airflow during insulated glass production.

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TruFit Window Insulation Tape

TruFit is a pre-compressed foam insulation tape for high-performance window and door installations that provides an effective thermal barrier at the edge gap between the window or door frame and the reveal – ensuring true energy rating performance and a long-life weathertight window and door seal.


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Installing fitting upvc window with Trufit installation tape
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