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As UK Financial Controller, Dominic’s role covers lots of departments at Edgetech. Here he talks about what he does and why he’s proud to work for Quanex.



Dominic Moules talks about offering the best buying service for IGU manufacturing components

I’ve been UK Financial Controller at Edgetech since 2015.

My Role as Financial Controller

Most people in financial roles don’t have the opportunity to get involved with other departments within a business, but my position at Edgetech is quite different. As well as my primary role of looking after the Finance department, I am also responsible for the material planning, customer service, IT and HR teams. This gives me a really good overview of Edgetech and the opportunity to have some really interesting conversations with our other experts, so we can make sure that customers are getting the best service from the whole team.


Customer Service at Edgetech

The customer service team is with our customers all the way through the buying process, so we can respond quickly to any questions they might have. We take orders from our IGU manufacturing customers for our growing range of energy efficient products, arrange delivery times with them and make sure that orders are delivered on time and in full.

Ensuring that Super Spacer® and our full range of IGU manufacturing components arrive when customers need them is something we pride ourselves on at Edgetech. As well as detailed risk assessment plans, covered by our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, we have a global distribution network, so customers can be confident we can deliver.Dominic Moules and Chris Alderson at Edgetech UK

Edgetech has expanded its product offering in recent years to now include all necessary components for IGU manufacture. We have added TruPlas, a rigid warm edge spacer, alongside our flagship Super Spacer flexible warm edge spacer product and also a full range of ancillaries. We’ve widened our offering further with the introduction of  TruFit, the expanding foam edge tape, which gives window installation companies a better way to fit energy efficient windows.

As well as day-to-day customer service, we offer excellent support from our technical, sales and marketing departments, to help our customers keep things running smoothly.

There is plenty of experience and expertise in IGU manufacture and also about energy efficient glazing within the team, so if customers have any questions, we can always find the answer.


What Makes You Proud to Work at Edgetech & Quanex?

I like being a part of Quanex because it is a forward-thinking organisation that is always looking to grow. It means we have a strong emphasis on offering the best customer service and the financial backing from them to invest in the infrastructure and support systems to make this possible.

Edgetech is a good company to work for, and to deal with, because it is large enough to offer a broad product range, but small enough to offer a detailed, personal approach to every customer we help.


A Day in the Work Life of Dominic

As with so many positions here at Edgetech, it’s rare that two days are the same. Our day-to-day tasks depend on lots of factors. In addition to communicating with all our customers and suppliers regularly, we provide support to all areas the business. This ranges from analytical to professional advice, as well as project review and control, which enables the business to continue its sustainable growth, whilst maintaining the values of Quanex.

No matter what’s on the to-do list that day, the whole team at Edgetech works to maintain our strong relationships with customers and deliver top-quality products and service. This involves continuously improving our purchasing and production planning processes, as well as updating our IT infrastructure to support modern business needs. This helps us internally work as efficiently as possible but also ensures we continue to meet our customers’ expectations. Through supplier audits and internal process reviews we strive to deliver the highest quality in all aspects of our work.

As part of the management team in the UK I enjoy playing an active role in shaping how Edgetech serves customers now and into the future.

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