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“Most companies who pioneered warm edge glass units alongside Edgetech are still customers today. Talking with customers and learning from their experiences was crucial as we grew this market together,” says Alan Fielder, Sales and Marketing Director at Edgetech UK, a Quanex company.

“Asking customers what they think of Edgetech as a supplier is important. We’ve always challenged what we consider to be true with forums, workshops or face-to-face meetings and two years ago we launched a quarterly Voice of the Customer survey. By listening to customers we learn most about what we can do to make improvements to products and services and stay ahead of their wants and needs.

“As usual we had an excellent response to our latest Voice of the Customer survey and the results are encouraging. All respondents were 100 percent satisfied with the value of our service and Super Spacer scored well on performance. The majority of customers rated it better or much better than competitive products for both productivity and ease of use.

“100 percent of responses stated that our team were knowledgeable and able to answer their questions. It’s an important score. Edgetech’s growing range of insulated glass unit components means we must be able to give customers the information they need, when they need it.

“We don’t ask leading questions. There is no point asking questions we already have the answers to. In fact we learn more from asking customers about the things that matter to their business, warts and all. So when results are good it means even more to us, but we know there is always more to be done.

“We’re launching exciting new initiatives and products to support customers over the coming months so we’ll have even more to ask about in our next the Voice of the Customer survey.”

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