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For 25 years Edgetech has been promoting high quality, easy to manufacture, glass units. The message from the start has been the same. So the company staged its Top Gun final to coincide with its 25th anniversary on 1 December.

Heats around the country had produced a talented shortlist that included five people who’d beaten the time of Edgetech’s longest serving Technical Sales Engineer Karl Jones. He’d set the bar at the FIT Show earlier in the year. Everyone beating his time was awarded with an ‘I beat the pro’ plaque.

With £500 as the winning prize for the fastest, there was a lot to play for. Again the benchmark was set by Karl, who was timed making a rectangular double glazed, a square triple glazed, and finally a triangular unit.

First up was Richard Hudson from Safeguard Glazing Supplies. Quick to point out that he’s no longer on the factory floor. In fact for two years he’s been ‘driving a desk’ but that didn’t stop him from putting in a very reasonable time of exactly 2 minutes. Praised by Edgetech’s Managing Director Andy Jones for his consistent high quality, Richard was pleased with his time but didn’t think he’d win the trophy: “I’m normally much quicker, but it’s a different table, different gun and different pedal.”

Second in the competition was Glassteq Sealed Units’ Krystoff Bartowski, he’s 6 foot 6 inches tall and his first comment was unsurprisingly the table’s too low! Despite having to stoop to create the three units, he managed an incredible 1:37. Andy again scrutinising the units and declared them as excellent quality.

The third contender was Graham Southgate from Double R Glass and Roofing. Graham had got married a year ago and his wife had broken her wedding ring. He was playing to win as the £500 would come in handy to replace it for Katy. First up was the rectangle. A good time was laid down, then onto the triple glazed unit.

Charlotte Davies, Edgetech’s Marketing Manager shouted out: “that’s amazing” as Graham finished it in just 48 seconds. As he put the final triangular glass unit together there were cheers all round. Andy again checked the quality, after all, part of the rules were that the units had to be high enough quality to be installed.

A quick totting up of the times and it was close. The winner Graham Southgate picked up the £500 and it was matched for his company as a credit against Super Spacer stock. His first comment was that Katy would be getting her new wedding ring. What a gent!
Ian Sims, Managing Director of Double R Glass and Roofing was thrilled for Graham, and for fourth place Arron, who also beat the pro. “I have two of the very best guys in the UK at Double R. It’s been a fun morning, and I’m delighted for them both, especially Graham. Today was all about real business. It’s what we do every day. Making units efficiently for customers so they can offer the best quality that gives them confidence in what they’re selling.

“Edgetech put on a great day, and we even squeezed in a factory tour so Graham and Arron could see Super Spacer being made. This was a great competition because it has real meaning to everyone who took part, and for our customers.”

The final task of the day was for Andy to present the prizes. An awesome 3D printed shuttle was created and dipped in silver. It was a really good looking trophy and will take pride of place back at Double R’s HQ.

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