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I was talking to an installer recently when something rather worrying came to light. He was a professional, proactive and successful installer, using all the latest technology to give him an ‘A’ rated window. And he was marketing this fact to give him the edge over his competitors. When I questioned why he hadn’t used the British Fenestration Rating Council’s energy rating label however, he explained he didn’t have one. He didn’t realise he needed to get his window rated by the BFRC to achieve a valid ‘A’ rating and thought it was enough to have the right configuration of components.

I’m not knocking this installer because I would question whether or not it is his fault that he didn’t know the facts, but it’s worrying to think he had been selling his windows under false pretences, without even realising it. Since having this conversation I have asked around some more and found he’s not the only one with this misconception.

Many believe that because their windows achieve the performance required for a ‘C’ rated window, they are selling a ‘C’ rated window and even more worryingly therefore believe they will meet the proposed Building Regulations. This simply isn’t the case. The proposed Building Regulations will require your windows to be registered with the British Fenestration Ratings Council, so whether you have the right configuration or not, your windows will be illegal unless you go through the process. Your window only has a BFRC Window Energy Rating if it is registered on the BFRC web site www.bfrc.org and carries the appropriate label.

The confusion about Window Energy Ratings and the process involved in achieving genuine ratings that will stand up to proposed future legislation is part of the reason we launched our Journey to C initiative and the take up for the nationwide series of free workshops is evidence that they are on target for our current market. If you need any more information please visit www.journeytoc.co.uk for more information or to register for one of our events.

Yours sincerely
Andy Jones
Managing Director, Edgetech

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