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Drop your guns! FIT Show amnesty will clean up window fitting

‘Mama put my guns in the ground; I can’t shoot them any more…’

It’s not known whether Bob Dylan had window fitters in mind when he penned those seminal lyrics. But they’re certainly relevant now because when it comes to the best way of sealing windows and doors, the times they are a-changin’.

That’s why a light-hearted ‘Gun Amnesty’ at FIT Show 2016 will urge visitors to lay down
their silicone guns and walk away… with a roll of clean, efficient TruFit® sealing tape in
exchange from Edgetech, a Quanex company.

Tests show that using sealing tape cuts heat loss by almost a quarter, against windows sealed using a silicone gun. It’s also proven to be up to 20 percent faster to use – making window fitting quicker, cleaner and neater, as well as saving money. Live demonstrations at the show will allow installers to experience the benefits of working with TruFit.

Pre-compressed expanding foam edge tape provides an effective thermal barrier for window and door installation. This ensures true energy rating performance and a long-life weather seal.

Thermal imaging analysis has shown how much heat can be lost at the edge of windows installed using traditional methods. When the same windows were fitted using TruFit sealing tape, an average of 23 percent less heat was lost.

Because it works by expanding to seal all spaces between the frame and wall effectively, the risk of gaps due to poor application is eliminated. Draughts caused by cold spots are minimised, one of the best ways of creating a feeling of comfort in the home.

Edgetech’s Director of Sales and Marketing Alan Fielder says: “Our tongue-in-cheek ‘Gun Amnesty’ allows installers to replace their messy, inefficient silicone gun with a clean, effective alternative, a roll of TruFit … no questions asked!”

Installers can drop their silicone guns in the ‘Gun Amnesty’ bin on Edgetech’s stand number 336 in Hall 3 at the FIT Show 2016, which takes place at the International Centre, Telford, from 12-14 April.

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