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The chances are that windows fitted more than three years ago won’t have the energy performance they did when they were first installed. But these aren’t windows that need replacing and until now, there was nothing installation companies could offer customers to help. Now Edgetech UK, the leading voice for energy efficient glazing, has launched Renovate by TruShield® to bring old windows back to life.

Renovate is a glass cleaning system combined with a protective layer of TruShield glass protection. It comes in a handy pack that contains everything needed to treat four standard domestic windows that includes cloths and protective gloves. It’s a clever two-step process. The specially developed pre-cleaner removes dirt build-up before TruShield is applied to protect the glass. The protective effect is activated immediately with the surface becoming hydrophobic.

“The rationale behind Renovate is simple,” says Charlotte Davies, Marketing Manager at Edgetech. “With 91 percent of windows in the UK already replaced we could see a need for protecting the performance of those windows. Dirt on the glass can reduce the energy efficiency of windows and Renovate is designed to preserve the performance of the glazing.

“We have put together a complete package of marketing materials for installation companies to offer Renovate to their window customers,” adds Charlotte. “With DVDs, drop cards, mailers and homeowner leaflets Edgetech has made it easy for customers to generate leads with the launch of Renovate by TruShield.

“It gives installation companies a reason to go back to their existing customers and offer them the very latest technology in maintaining the energy performance of their windows. And while Renovate is designed as a retrofit product, there’s no reason why companies can’t offer it at the time of new installations.”

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