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Installing fitting upvc window with Trufit installation tape

Talk about thermally efficient glazing, and minds naturally jump to what windows are made of – the glass, the frame, gas, spacers and so on.

We’re much less inclined to think about how the finished window is fitted – and that can have one of the biggest impacts of all.

However, at Quanex company Edgetech, they’re beginning to see signs that attitudes are changing.

In addition to its world-renowned Super Spacer®, the firm also supplies TruFit®, a state-of-the-art window installation tape – and in recent months, demand for it has noticeably increased.

“TruFit offers a much quicker, cleaner and thermally efficient method of installing windows,” explains Head of Sales Tony Palmer.

“Once the tape’s backing paper is removed, it gradually expands to seal the window fully, ensuring it offers exceptional all-round performance.

“TruFit protects against mould, and provides first-class thermal and acoustic insulation.

“On average, a window installed with TruFit retains up to 23% more heat compared to one fitted using traditional methods.

“In addition to this, it’s much easier to apply than silicone and can be used in all weathers.

“All this makes it an excellent choice for helping build the energy-efficient windows of the future – and it’s no surprise that, both for cutting carbon footprints and energy bills during a cost of living crisis, demand for products like TruFit is rising.

“An A+ rated window isn’t delivering an A+ rated performance if it’s not fitted properly – and with TruFit, installers can ensure outstanding twenty-first century windows are fulfilling their potential.”

The recently released Spring edition of the Keystone Consumer Fenestration Trends report revealed that many people are unhappy with their current windows and doors.

Draughty homes topped the list, with 16% of homeowners reporting issues with cold air leaks, often attributed to poorly fitted windows and doors or worn-out seals.

Energy efficiency was another big concern, with 12% of homeowners feeling their windows and doors weren’t keeping their homes comfortable or saving them money on energy bills.

Noise pollution was also cited as a problem, with 7% of homeowners mentioning outside noise coming through their windows and doors.

Tony continues: “Homeowners are clearly more concerned about window performance than ever – and TruFit can give them the comfort, quiet and energy savings they’re looking for!”

If you’re interested in learning more about TruFit, don’t hesitate to contact Edgetech.

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