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PR277 - FIT Show Master Fitter ChallengeEdgetech’s innovative Trufit insulation tape played a central role in this year’s Master Fitter Challenge, the two-day test of skill that’s been a FIT Show highlight since the event began.

The ever-popular competition saw six teams of experienced installers battle it out to fit windows, residential and bifold doors and a roof lantern, all under the eagle-eyed gaze of professional GQA assessors and show-goers from throughout the industry.

This year, the competitors were faced with an extra challenge – the window and residential door had to be fitted with Edgetech’s TruFit insulation tape, a product most of them had never used before. But as Edgetech’s head of marketing Charlotte Davies explains, initials nerves were quickly replaced with relief as they got to work.


“To start with, the competitors were a bit sceptical about TruFit, which was understandable – they’d never used it before, they were under a lot of pressure, and were facing the prospect of having to quickly get used to and effectively apply an unfamiliar product while being scrutinised by experts in the field.

“Thankfully, though, it didn’t take them long to realise that TruFit has been designed with ease of use in mind. Where silicone can be messy, expensive and inconsistent, TruFit tape is easy to apply and provides industry-leading weather-tightness, air-tightness, and thermal and acoustic insulation – and by the end, some of the contestants were asking for boxes of TruFit they could take away and use on their day-to-day installations!”

Mick Clayton, GQA CEO commented: “It was great to see TruFit included in the challenge for two reasons. Firstly, it pushed the competitors out of their comfort zone so we could see how they handled an unfamiliar product under pressure, and secondly, it exemplified the kind of outstanding installation work we wanted the contestants to achieve. If it’s not installed or insulated correctly, then even the highest specification window isn’t going to achieve its potential.”

David Keates of DK Windows, the firm that walked away with the top prize of £5,000, commented: “In the beginning, we were wary of TruFit – we’d never used it before, and we were worried that a new product might hold us back. In fact, it’s extremely easy to use, and we’ll definitely be considering using it on future installations!”

TruFit, provided by Edgetech in association with manufacturing partner Tremco Illbruck, is a compressed foam insulating seal. The tape expands to effectively seal all gaps and spaces between the frame and wall to ensure consistent weather protection, air-tightness and eliminate draughts.

For more information please visit: www.trufit-it.com

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