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Cornwall based trade fabricator and sealed unit manufacturer, Crystal Clear South West has opted to offer Edgetech’s Super Spacer Warm Edge Technology (WET) product as standard and join the company’s Dealership Network to maximise on the opportunities this provides. Crystal Clear’s Managing Director Andy Gwynn explains: “We’ve been making quality, high performance double glazed units for almost 15 years now, but with energy efficiency becoming a more important factor for our customers, we wanted to keep them ahead of the game with the highest performing technologies. When we started manufacturing sealed units, our customers were wary of WET because it was perceived to be a relatively new technology, but thanks to the investment Edgetech has made in educating the market about WET, our customers have the confidence to switch. Installer customers selling our glazed frames are slowly but surely starting to receive more and more enquiries for energy rated windows, so technologies like Super Spacer are essential for us to be able to offer an ‘A’ and ‘C’ rated options. We decided to go the extra step and join the company?s Dealership scheme as well because we wanted the benefit of the longer guarantees on offer, as well as the promotional materials for us and our customers. We wanted to give our customers the benefit of the whole package of back-up and support to ensure they get the most out of offering Super Spacer in their windows.

“As well as the benefits we’ve been able to offer customers, switching to Super Spacer has also had direct benefits for Crystal Clear. It helps improve productivity because its application actually removes processes from the production line, and because of the great aesthetics of the standard black product in any colour window frame, we only need to stock one colour which makes it easier than having to stock a whole range of colours.

“Crystal Clear South West is a local, friendly company that has built its reputation on offering quality products with a quality service and we’re totally dedicated to giving our customers the products they need to meet and even exceed market demands. We’re confident we’ve chosen the right partner in Edgetech, to do just this.”

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