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Moscow’s Gostiny Dvor shopping centre was originally constructed in the 1590s. Situated close to Red Square in the heart of the Russian capital, the building was initially home to a wide variety of shops and warehouses. In 1789, the building was rebuilt in the Neoclassical style incorporating numerous arcades and featuring the columned exterior which we

Moscow’s Gostiny Dvor

recognise today.

The Gostiny Dvor today

Over the centuries, the Gostiny Dvor has had several functions, being modified many times to house shopping arcades, offices, and various exhibitions. During the 1990s, the building underwent extensive

Gostiny Dvor

renovations with the modern glass roof being installed in 1995. During the renovations a large area of the site was excavated, and a small museum was set up to showcase any significant archeological findings.

Today the Gostiny Dvor is mainly used for high profile fashion shows and business events. People from around the world converge at the building to share in the atmosphere of this unique site. To ensure that the building was sufficiently modernised during the period of renovation, particular attention was paid to the thermal performance of the glass roof.

Super Spacer heat retention technology for Gostiny glass roof

Winters in Moscow are regularly exposed to prolonged periods where temperatures drop as low as -10 degrees Celsius. When the glass roof was constructed it was the largest glass roof in Europe and was

Gostiny glass roof

therefore a potential weak point for heat loss from the building interior. Thanks to Edgetech Super Spacer technology, the glass roof’s thermal performance capacity has been significantly increased to enable year-round usage.

The heated insulating glass works in conjunction with Super Spacer technology to optimise thermal performance. The heated glazing causes any snow which falls on the roof to be quickly melted ensuring that natural sunlight is allowed to be continuously transmitted through the glazing. This helps to increase interior temperatures and massively boost natural light intake. The use of Super Spacer with no metal components further increases the glass roof’s performance helping to create a comfortable ambient interior atmosphere.


Super Spacer technology

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