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Quanex is renowned for their commitment to investing regularly in their companies across the world to ensure they can provide the highest quality of products and services. This dedication to their businesses and customers plays an important part in achieving their strategic goal to grow the company’s revenue to $2 billion per annum.

One of the beneficiaries of Quanex’s ambitious investment plans is their subsidiary company Edgetech, who are specialists in creating market-leading insulating glass spacer systems. With Quanex’s support, by the end of 2023, Edgetech will have completed their 2-year plan to invest a combined amount of over £4 million in their UK and German manufacturing facilities.

Edgetech Coventry has concentrated on updating and improving their manufacturing capabilities to keep up with growing demand and to ensure Super Spacer® will remain the leading flexible spacer bar on the market. To support this aim, they have also upgraded their internal testing equipment, which will be essential in developing and refining their future innovative products.

Edgetech Heinsberg has also sought to further expand and increase its market share in mainland Europe and the Asia Pacific regions. They have installed another new Super Spacer® manufacturing line and are in the process of commissioning an additional vapour barrier and tape slitting capacity, while also ordering their second dedicated silicone compound mixing cell. To support this expansion, they have secured a new building to house the additional products and are in the process of investing in a new R&D facility to drive new product development, customer support, and quality.

Quanex’s support of Edgetech’s investments are part of its broader strategy to increase its businesses’ manufacturing capabilities, whilst also continuing to provide the exceptional quality their customers have come to expect from the company, as Edgetech’s Managing Director Chris Alderson explains:

“Edgetech is proud to play a key role in Quanex’s “a part of something bigger” vision and are fundamental to Quanex’s growth strategy. Thanks to Quanex’s support, Edgetech has continued to thrive, despite the challenges our industry has faced in the last few years.

“Through these recent investments, Edgetech will have the capacity and infrastructure to better support our valued customers with additional services, whilst constantly developing new products and improving quality and our technical capabilities.

“It will guarantee that Edgetech, as part of Quanex, will remain in an excellent position to seize the opportunities ahead in the UK and Europe.”

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