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Quanex taglineAt Edgetech, like every Quanex company, we pride ourselves on prioritising more than just our bottom line.

We know we’re a part of much bigger economies, societies and communities – and that everything we do has an impact on thousands if not millions of people around the world.

It’s that outlook that’s informed this year’s Quanex rebrand. We’ve got a new tagline – “a part of something bigger”. But it’s far from just a slogan – it’s a short and simple encapsulation of our guiding philosophy.

For us, “part of something bigger” has several meanings. It’s a constant reminder that everything we do has an impact on others.

It also alludes to the fact our products can be found all around the world, helping buildings perform to the very highest standards.

It represents our commitment to giving back to the communities we’re a part of – and it’s a testament to our drive to deliver continuous improvement, innovation, shareholder value and growth.

What’s more, it perfectly complements the Quanex CREED:

Continuous improvement and innovation

Respect, with open and honest communication

Excellent customer service

Exemplifying safe and healthy living

Doing the right thing

Edgetech, like all the other members of the Quanex family, are fully united behind this vision of what we are, and what we exist to achieve.

In the months and years ahead, we’ll be striving to live up to those values in everything we do.

For more information email ukenquiries@edgetechig.com, or contact us online.

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