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TruFit is a pre-compressed foam insulation tape for high-performance window and door installations from Edgetech UK.

What is TruFit?

TruFit is Warm Edge for windows from Edgetech UK. It’s a form of window seal tape that provides an effective thermal barrier at the edge gap between the window or door frame and the reveal – ensuring true energy rating performance and a long-life weathertight window and door seal.

  • quick and easy onsite TruFit application

    Cleaner and quicker onsite application

  • TruFit all weather installation

    Can be installed in all weather conditions

  • Increase profits on glazing jobs with TruFit

    Add value and profit to your window orders

  • Fewer customer complaints with TruFit

    Fewer call-backs

  • Edgetech gives full marketing support for TruFit

    Full marketing support

  • Click on the video above for more info

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