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Rigid Spacer Bar

Edgetech offers a wide range of rigid spacer products, including our brand new Edgetherm RS™️ spacer bar.

Edgetherm RS™️ Spacer Bar

Edgetherm RS™️ is the latest product development from Edgetech UK. It is a rigid, glass reinforced box spacer bar with a difference. Edgetherm RS is leading the market with its unique design, which incorporates an innovative groove to anchor the PIB primary seal – delivering enhanced durability, productivity and aesthetics.
Edgetherm RS spacer technology by Edgetech

TruPlasĀ® Spacer Bar

  • Rigid, glass reinforced thermoplastic spacer technology. TruPlas has been designed for increased stability and strength over other rigid warm edge spacer bars and features a ridged surface for a more traditional appearance. TruPlas has 8x more perforations than other rigid spacers for improved airflow during insulated glass production.
  • Colours: Black, White and Grey
  • Cavity Sizes: 7.5-19.5mm in 2mm increments
TruPlas thermoplastic spacer technology by Edgetech

Aluminium Spacers

  • Aluminium spacer bars are available in a standard silver finish or painted bronze, gold or white. They are stocked in both standard and bendable versions and have a full range of compatible keys.
  • Colours: Silver, Bronze, Gold and White
  • Cavity Sizes: 5.5-19.5mm in 2mm increments
standard or flexible aluminium spacers in three colours from edgetech
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