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Oakland Glass, one of the UK’s leading independent glass processors and the original home of volume Super Spacer IGU manufacture, is celebrating as the 5 millionth metre of Super Spacer rolls off its Dewsbury production line. This huge amount equates to Oakland selling 1.7 million Super Spacer IGUs into the UK market place. Significantly, Oakland has not had a single return during its eight year partnership with Edgetech, a relationship that MD Tina Birkenshaw describes as based on ‘mutual trust and respect.’

Tina continues: “Established in 1986, Oakland has always tried to stay ahead of market trends by listening to customers and identifying and investing in technologies that we believe are the future. Back in 2005, perceived by some in the market as brave and by others as a trailblazer, we saw the future lay with Warm Edge Technology, and specifically with Edgetech. We were the first IGU manufacturer in the UK to invest in a FORel fully automated Super Spacer application line, and by Glassex 2007, we had already hit the one millon metre mark.

“Our decision to become part of what we describe as the Edgetech Team as opposed to entering a traditional, transactional customer: supplier relationship was down to several reasons. We knew with the advent of energy ratings and tougher thermal legislation in glazing that we needed the best on the market for energy efficiency. But Edgetech offered – and still does – so much more than that. Super Spacer is proven in its durability performance, with huge productivity gains that have allowed us to continue to offer customers value for money. But I believe that the most important reason for the success of our partnership with Edgetech is that it is a two way relationship based on close working, knowledge sharing and honesty. Back in 2005, we recognised the potential of Edgetech’s contribution to Oakland’s success. And now with 5 million metres and zero returns under our belts, this decision has been and will continue to be firmly endorsed.”

Andy Jones, Edgetech’s Managing Director comments: “”We’re delighted Oakland has achieved this important milestone, and it has been a pleasure to work with Tina and her team over the years to help customers get the most from their high specification IGUs. With synergy between both companies’ brand values and a shared commitment to investing in the future of our industry, I look forward to celebrating the 10 million metre milestone in the not too distant future with Oakland.”

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