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Edgetech, UK manufacturer of the most cost effective warm edge technology, has revisited customer MTM Units in Hove to find out a year on from their Super Shop set up, the effect the introduction of Warm Edge technology has had on its business. Garrie Crowhurst, Director of MTM Units explains: “We took the decision to switch to Super Spacer as standard just over a year ago, as a direct response to our customers asking for it. Over the past year we have enjoyed an increase in sales, which has been a fantastic achievement in the current market place. We are sure that if we had not made the change to Super Spacer a year ago, that would not be the case.

“We also started using Super Spacer because we wanted to be able to offer an energy rated product which we can now do comfortably in line with current legislation, but responding to customer demand was key. Super Spacer is a cracking product which we would recommend to anyone looking to make the change to warm edge. Its appearance in taking on the colour of the frame instead of looking at a cold looking metal spacer, no condensation, and greatly improved heat loss around the edge of the unit, backed up with a great marketing package, are just some of the reasons why. We enjoy a good relationship with Edgetech and have always been able to call on them for technical support and guidance.”

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