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Holdens Supaseal was among the first sealed unit manufacturers in the UK to use Edgetech’s Super Spacer warm edge technology, and it has now developed its warm edge offering by joining Edgetech’s Part 3 Club and incorporating the new Super Spacer Heritage for the renovation and refurbishment sectors. Alan Pearse, General Manager for Holdens Supaseal explains: “We were the first company in the UK to install a semi-automated Super Spacer applicator and the first to pass Part 3 with Super Spacer in 2005. Although that was all before Window Energy Ratings and the proposed changes to Building Regulations, we knew that was the way the market would move. And we were right with 80% of our customers now buying warm edge sealed units.

“As one of the first companies to achieve a Part 3 Pass with Super Spacer it seemed fitting that we join the recently devised Part 3 Club, to make the most of our achievement. We manufacture between 2,500 and 3,000 high specification units each week so accreditations like this are important to us and our customer base.

“Meanwhile we have grown our customer base with Edgetech’s new Heritage spacer for the renovation and regeneration sectors. We have often been asked to produce units for this market, but weren’t confident that the sightlines would be low enough – even though warm edge technology does offer a better sightline than aluminium spacer bar. Now with the ultra slim Super Spacer Heritage product we can be confident that our units can be used in this sector with no issue.

“Established for over 90 years, Holdens Supaseal remains an independent family-owned company and our name is synonymous with quality within the glass industry. We have had such a successful history because we have developed our business in line with what our customers need in the future as well as in the current market place.”

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