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Edgetech, a proud part of the Quanex family, has conducted a survey exploring how its employees view working at the company.

Taking place in May and June, the exercise asked staff members from across the business a series of questions to assess their engagement with the company and its developments.

The results were extremely positive, showing that Edgetech employees feel valued, trusted, and are proud of their role at the company.

98% of employees agreed that they understood how their job helps the organisation achieve success, indicating a high level of awareness and alignment with organisational goals.

Additionally, 86% of employees believed that there is open and honest communication between employees and managers. 93% believed that the company’s goals and accountabilities are clear to everyone in their teams.

A substantial percentage (96%) agreed that they contribute to the company’s goals and overall mission, demonstrating a strong sense of purpose and engagement, and a significant number (80%) agreed that they have great confidence in their company’s future, indicating positive sentiments and optimism in the business.

Most impressively, 98% of employees agreed that they are committed to doing a good job, demonstrating a high level of dedication and motivation among employees.

Managing Director Chris Alderson comments: “Edgetech strives to be an exceptional employer in every respect – and our Employee Engagement Survey is a hugely valuable tool that lets us gauge how well we’re achieving that aim.

“It’s totally anonymous, which gives us an accurate reflection of how our staff members really feel.

“I’m delighted to see such passion and enthusiasm from our team, and I am more confident than ever that Edgetech has a bright future ahead of it.”

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