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Edgetech celebrates International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day is an opportunity to promote gender equality and women’s rights, while also celebrating the achievements of women.

The theme of 2023’s International Women’s Day is: “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”.

Edgetech are proud to be a company where people are judged on merit, not gender. We are also committed to supplying products which help homes become more energy efficient and green.

Reflecting on International Women’s Day, we spoke with three female managers at Edgetech to learn more about their experiences, achievements and advice – International Head of Marketing Charlotte Hawkes, Financial Controller Emma Leaney and Customer Service Manager Paula Considine.

What skills do you think are the most important to be an effective manager?

Charlotte Hawkes: The ability to keep 30 different plates spinning at the same time!  Seriously though, organisation, strategic thinking and relationship/team building.

Emma Leaney: Being empathetic and understanding my team members circumstances, as well as knowing my teams’ strengths and weaknesses so I can assign tasks which best suit their skill set.

Paula Considine: The most important skills are communication, listening, understanding, helping and kindness. It’s also important to be flexible and assist your staff with their tasks if needed. Be grateful to your staff, thank them daily, and ensure they know that they are appreciated.

What highlights have you experienced so far in your career?

CH: I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world in my role, India is a particular favourite.

EL: Mentoring my team to develop professionally. I also have enjoyed collaborating with Edgetech UK’s overseas counterparts to execute and improve our financial practices.

PC: I have experienced many highlights in my career. I am very proud of gaining my ILM Level 3 qualification in Leadership Management. Additionally, I have been thrilled to see my staff progress to managerial roles themselves. However, the main highlight for me would be that, as a woman and single mother, I was able to overcome all the obstacles I faced and advance to reach where I am.

What advice would you offer young women who wish to pursue a management position?

CH: To any young person I would say that attitude is everything; be willing to really put the effort in, do your best at whatever task is set rather than just getting it done, be eager to learn and listen, and go where you’re appreciated and given opportunities to develop-don’t stay in your comfort zone!

EL: Take up any opportunities offered to you; although a management role may feel daunting at first your hard work and perseverance will pay off in the end.

PC: I would say take your job seriously, but not yourself! It’s also important to learn from your experience and pass the knowledge on. This will help both you and your team achieve your company’s goals.

Which women inspire you the most?

CH: Agree with her politics or not, I thought Jacinda Ardern (immediate past New Zealand prime minister) was particularly inspiring as a female leader. She had a clear career goal, worked hard to achieve it, stayed true to her beliefs despite enormous pressure and unprecedented challenges and then after completing her term, had the self-awareness and strength to step back as the role no longer aligned with her priorities.

EL: Whilst many women have inspired me, I find Jessica Ennis’ story especially motivating. Despite an injury forcing Jessica to miss the 2008 Olympics, she was able to win the heptathlon Gold Medal the next year. This dedication to succeed and the ability to recover after a setback are essential management qualities. Jessica has also inspired me to complete my own sporting challenges such as finishing the London Marathon, the London to Brighton cycle ride, and a triathlon!

PC: My Mum, my grandma, my sister, Judi Dench, and Emma Thompson.

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