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People often question the value of industry Networks and Clubs. Since we set up our own Super Spacer Dealership we’ve seen evidence they really work. Edgetech set up its Dealership in 2008 and ever since its members have witnessed some pretty convincing growth figures.

The Super Spacer Dealership is different to a lot of the networks because we really do give our Dealers hands on support to sell their products, as well as marketing support for them, their customers and their customers’ customers. Our Business Development team work closely with our Dealers to help them generate more business. A lot of companies claiming they can help companies achieve a Window Energy Rating that complies with future Building Regulations are only focussed on getting the WER in the first place. This of course has to be our priority right now with the Revised Building Regulations now announced, but it is equally important that suppliers offer the support to sell the products too.

The extra level of support our Dealers benefit from has made a big difference to their bottom line.

“Since becoming an Edgetech Super Spacer Dealer in March 2008, we have seen our sales increase and have been impressed with the level of support we have received from the Edgetech team. Not just in the form of Sales & Marketing materials, although that is one of the benefits of being in the Dealership, but also the hands-on support from our Business Development Adviser who is always available to assist. All of which helps us sell our energy efficient offering more effectively.” Adam Spradbury, EAS Windows

“Yate Windows joined the Super Spacer Dealership in January and has seen a 30% increase in sales this year to date, compared with the same period last year. Of course this growth isn’t just down to the Dealership but the practical support we’ve had from Edgetech to get our energy rated windows to market has certainly helped.” Simon Webb, Yate Windows.

It’s quite a different sales message pushing an energy rated window, which needs to be acknowledged. The industry has a real chance to make money out of these changes, but if companies on the front line are too worried to take this on because they don’t understand their products fully anymore, this opportunity will be missed.

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