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I read with interest the BFRC’s announcement that they have launched a new energy rating scheme for the IGU manufacturer. As the name suggests, the Simplified Energy License (SEL) aims to simplify the process and afford sealed unit manufacturers more flexibility. As one of the pioneers of Window Energy Ratings as a marketing tool, Edgetech is behind anything that helps the industry achieve the best possible energy ratings and comply with Building Regulations in the most cost effective way. I can’t help but wonder though, if this scheme has been launched a bit too early. It claims to simplify the process, but if this is the simplified scheme I would hate to see the complicated one!

Since the scheme has developed and more and more parties have got involved, the point of WERs seem to have been lost along the way. When the BFRC first launched Window Energy Ratings, the point of the labelling system was to allow the scheme to be policed by traceability. How on earth will this new scheme be policed? If a window manufacturer is using two sealed unit suppliers who may be using different types of glass and sealant, will the window fabricator really apply two different labels to their products? This is just one of the complications with this new ‘simplified’ scheme

The scheme seems to ask more questions than it answers at the moment, so while it’s great that every attempt is being made to simplify the process, we need to make sure that we’re not doing ourselves a disservice as an industry. We all know that the majority of window and sealed unit companies are professional outfits that do the best for their customers, but we also all know there are plenty of exceptions to that rule. Any ambiguity in a system like this leaves it open for abuse, which in turn discredits the whole scheme.

Edgetech offers a range of Warm Edge Technology products that can achieve the best energy ratings cost effectively, but we also offer advice and real business support to help our customers make the most of the opportunities Window Energy Ratings offer – however complicated the systems become. It would be easier for more companies to take advantage of them though, if the schemes on offer could truly be simplified and leave no room for interpretation.

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