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The UK's number one choice of warm edge technology

World-class performance from the leading warm-edge spacer bar

Spacer bars separate the panes of glass in a double-glazed unit. Warm-edge spacers achieve that with modern materials that deliver exceptional thermal efficiency.

Since its invention, warm-edge has helped dramatically improve the thermal performance of buildings all over the world – and Super Spacer is the leading warm-edge spacer on the market.

Unlimited possibilities with Edgetech’s flexible spacer bars

It’s Super Spacer’s unparalleled flexibility that’s the secret to its success. Where using rigid spacers limits you to using traditional window shapes, Super Spacer makes the most complex and unconventional designs possible.

That’s why, when building designers want to create without restraints, it’s Super Spacer they turn to.

Warm Edge Super Spacer Bar corner

TriSeal – the ultimate in endurance

For the most demanding commercial applications, we’ve developed Super Spacer TriSeal.

Its incredible strength makes longevity issues a thing of the past, while its flexible design allows it to move with the glass itself when subjected to strong winds or changing pressures.

TriSeal has excelled in some of the most stringent testing global construction has to offer.

At Fiva Glass in Norway, for example, the product was paired with a huge glass unit weighing nearly 312kg. Then, the unit was held aloft for 15 minutes, relying solely on TriSeal’s pre-applied PIB sealant to keep it together – and once the test was finished, the two panes hadn’t moved at all.

Passive House-approved thermal efficiency

Since 1989, Edgetech spacer bars have been helping architects deliver outstanding thermal efficiency.

Super Spacer, Super Spacer TriSeal Premium and Super Spacer TriSeal Premium Plus have all been certified with the Passive House Institute for their exceptional thermal performance.

Is energy efficiency a key consideration for your next project? Does your client want to minimise their carbon footprint? Then you need Super Spacer.

Award winning warm edge technology

Super Spacer – used by the best

What do Dubai’s Museum of the Future, Denmark’s eco-friendly Maersk Tower and the Eiffel Tower all have in common? They all use Super Spacer TriSeal.

Read about how some of the world’s most respected architects have used Edgetech innovation to push physical and technological boundaries to the limit:

Eiffel Tower in top shape for 130th birthday thanks to Edgetech’s Triseal

Super Spacer soars as part of iconic addition to Dubai skyline

Super Spacer soars in Denmark’s eco-friendly Maersk Tower

If your next project demands both boundary-pushing design and exceptional performance, get in touch today!

WET foam spacer bars: small component, big impact

Click here for more information on manufacturing IGUs with Super Spacer® and TruPlas™ rigid spacer. We haven’t been named Spacer Bar Manufacturer of the Year three years for nothing!

  • Sound dampening technology

    Reduces external noise pollution by up to 2dB

  • SuperSpacer reduced condensation

    Reduces condensation by up to 70%

  • Thermally efficient

    Successfully tested from -15° to 125° C

  • SuperSpacer Benefit4

    More than 100 EN1279 Part 2 & Part 3 passes

  • SuperSpacer 40-year performance guarantee

    40-year performance guarantee

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