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The Alvin Hamilton Government Building of Canada was originally built in 1968. Located in downtown Regina, Saskatchewan, it was used as a 260,000 square foot shopping centre until it was purchased in 2002 by the Government of Canada. For the next fifteen years it continued to function as a shopping centre, before, in 2017, work began to transform the building for government usage.large building

Extensive occupied building renovation

The renovation works at the site, previously known as the Galleria, involved a complete assessment of the existing finishes, vertical transportation, life safety and building code, and mechanical and electrical systems. All works were required to be carried out while the existing tenants continued to occupy the building.

Building contractors CCR Construction were employed to carry out the works which were required to meet LEED Silver standards for energy and environmental design by the Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC).

To achieve the stringent standards for LEED Silver accreditation, the contractors contacted Edgetech to enquire about our Super Spacer technology. Working alongside PCL-Maxam contractors and Pettick Philips Partners Architects, Super Spacer was selected to help achieve the required levels of performance.

High-end IGU with Edgetech Super Spacer

The insulated glass units (IGUs) specified for the project were supplied by leading North American glass specialists AGC. AGC are world leaders in the fabrication of high performing glazing products. Their glazing systems are used in a diverse range of large-scale commercial buildings across the world.

AGC were happy to work alongside Edgetech to incorporate Super Spacer technology into their IGUs. Once complete, the glazing systems enabled the building renovation project to meet all the necessary regulatory requirements for a natural environment where temperatures regularly drop to sub-zero levels.

The building has now been renamed as the Alvin Hamilton Government Building to honour Canadian politician and leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan between 1949 and 1957. The building now houses ten floors of government office space and still functions partially as a retail centre.

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