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Edgetech, the only dedicated manufacturer of Warm Edge Technology in the UK, looks ahead to the market challenges we face in 2010. Managing Director Andy Jones comments: “As we see 2009 draw to a close, far from patting ourselves on the back and breathing a sigh of relief that we’ve survived a tough year, we need to be planning for the even bigger challenges of 2010. Now is the time for everyone involved in the window industry to seriously consider the impact of the proposed Building Regulations suggesting all installed windows have to achieve a BFRC C rating or above by October 2010 – a line in the sand has been drawn. While still in proposal stage, all the signs are there that this will in fact be approved in April and become the law just seven months later. And yes that’s all replacement windows – a move which will force the hand of the majority of window companies in the UK. While Window Energy Ratings have gathered significant momentum over recent years as the early adopters picked them up and ran with them early on, the majority of businesses are still without.

“Suppliers will have to step up their game to compete in this new market by offering the right products and the support to match – it will require serious commitment from us all. Edgetech has already invested for the future and has some big plans for next year because we don’t want to bury our heads in the sand or wait to see what happens next. We want to do what we can to support our customers and future customers get the best return on investment in 2010. Choosing suppliers who will help you on the journey to C, whether these proposed Building Regulations are passed or not, is the way to future proof your business in 2010.”

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