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Edgetherm RS™️

Edgetherm RS™️ is the latest product development from Edgetech UK.

It is a rigid, glass reinforced box spacer bar with a difference.

Innovative Rigid Glass Spacer ;
The Edgetherm RS™️ Spacer Bar

Edgetherm RS is a ground-breaking rigid spacer bar designed to combat one of the most common IGU problems – PIB migration.

Over the years, strong winds or sharply fluctuating temperatures can exert a pumping motion on IGUs. This causes PIB sealant in the spacer to be squeezed out into the unit itself.

On older windows, you can often spot the tell-tale wiggly lines where PIB migration has occurred. But it’s not just a problem as far as aesthetics are concerned…

Edgetherm RS spacer

Edgetherm RS: PIB migration-free

PIB sealant is hugely important to ensuring unit durability over time – and the more PIB movement that occurs, the more likely a unit is to fail.

That’s why Edgetherm RS has been specifically designed to help prevent that migration.

Devised and manufactured in the UK by Edgetech’s technical experts,
Edgetherm RS’ innovative side-groove channels PIB movement
into the secondary seal, not into the unit itself.

Edgetherm RS spacer

Choose Edgetherm RS for a lifetime of outstanding performance

That same side-groove also allows for easier, more consistent PIB application. In turn, this leads to higher productivity and reduces the potential for human error.

Do you want IGUs that:

    • Are quicker and easier to manufacture?
    • Are free of PIB smearing?
    • Will look pristine and offer outstanding performance for years to come?

Then you need Edgetherm RS.

Call +44 (0) 2476 639931 or email to find out more.

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Edgetherm RS spacer

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  • Innovative design encapsulates PIB

    Innovative design encapsulates PIB sealant

  • Exceptional thermal performance

    Exceptional thermal performance

  • Compatible with existing keys

    Compatible with existing keys

  • Enhanced durability

    Enhanced durability

  • Find out more

    To register your interest in this product or to request samples, please contact us.

    Edgetherm RS spacer

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