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Edgetech offers a comprehensive range of additional products to help improve insulated glass units.

TruSieve® Glazing Desiccant

TruSieve top-quality molecular sieve has been developed specially for insulating glass sealed units. This professional industry glass desiccant fully adsorbs moisture and organics in the IG unit to keep it clear and transparent. It is available in standard or millibead size options, packaged in 25kg boxes or 150kg drums.

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molecular sieve for glass insulation - TruSieve

Bostik Hot Melt

Edgetech stocks a range of primary and secondary sealants specifically formulated for use in the production of insulating glass units. Bostik 2000 PIB is available in 7kg blocks, secondary sealants 5000 and P5125 are available in 6.5kg blocks or 200kg steel or fibre drums.

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Primary and secondary sealants - Bostik Hot Melt

Cloth Tape

This black cloth tape is used during the sealed unit manufacturing process and, for handling, can readily be removed after use without leaving any residue. Edgetech cloth tape is stocked in a range of sizes, from 15mm to 50mm.

black cloth tape for manufacture and handling - glazing
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