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Outstanding longevity, durability and thermal efficiency from Super Spacer® T-Spacer™ SG

It was already one of the world’s most outstanding flexible warm edge spacers – but now, Edgetech have launched an even better version of their celebrated Super Spacer® T-Spacer™.

Super Spacer® T-Spacer™ SG is a metal-free, silicone-based warm edge spacer made of structural foam with an integrated desiccant, that’s been designed for the toughest commercial applications.

On demanding glazing projects using extra-large glass panes, its extremely durable edge seal guarantees decades of exceptional performance and stability.

T-Spacer™ SG offers enhanced shape memory, which is critical for the long-term integrity of the edge seal. Its elastic structural foam follows climate-related movements of the glass, relieving a large proportion of the load from the butyl seal.

This is a huge advantage in parts of the world that experience fluctuating temperatures.

T-Spacer™ SG also follows in the long-established Edgetech tradition of offering superb energy efficiency, achieving thermal conductivity of just 0.19 W/m2k – much lower than the commercial metal and hybrid rigid spacers on the market.

“Structural glazing continues to be hugely in demand, and Super Spacer® T-Spacer™ SG is a world-leading spacer product for the toughest commercial glazing projects,” comments Edgetech Managing Director Chris Alderson.

“We’ve taken the hugely successful template provided by T-Spacer™ Premium Plus, and improved it in a number of ways, to produce what we’re confident is one of the world’s best flexible spacers.

“What’s more, we’ve adapted the typical T-shape warm-edge spacer design to make SG even easier to use with automated IGU manufacturing lines.

“We’re delighted to be bringing Super Spacer® T-Spacer™ SG to market, and look forward to seeing it incorporated in ambitious commercial glazing projects all around the world.”

For more information please call + 44 (0) 2476 639931 or visit

Edgetech Expertise: Financial Controller Emma Leaney

Meet the team behind the Warm Edge Super Spacer Bar from Edgetech, the driving force for energy efficient glazing

As UK Financial Controller, Emma’s role covers lots of departments at Edgetech. Here she talks about what she does and why she’s proud to work for Quanex.

I joined Edgetech UK in November 2017 as Assistant Financial Controller and have really enjoyed working alongside such an amazing team. Following my promotion in November 2019 to UK Financial Controller I now oversee the Finance department. As a member of the Senior Management Team I have a good overview of Edgetech and the opportunity to have some really interesting conversations with our other experts, so we can make sure that customers are getting the best service from the whole team.

How Does Edgetech Support Customers?

The customer service team is with our customers all the way through the buying process, so we can respond quickly to any questions they might have. We take orders from our IGU manufacturing customers for our growing range of energy efficient products, arrange delivery times with them and make sure that orders are delivered on time and in full.

Ensuring that Super Spacer® and our full range of IGU manufacturing components arrive when customers need them is something we pride ourselves on at Edgetech. As well as detailed risk assessment plans, covered by our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, we have a global distribution network, so customers can be confident we can deliver.

Edgetech has expanded its product offering in recent years to now include all necessary components for IGU manufacture. We have added TruPlas, a rigid warm edge spacer, alongside our flagship Super Spacer flexible warm edge spacer product and also a full range of ancillaries.

As well as day-to-day customer service, we offer excellent support from our technical, sales and marketing departments, to help our customers keep things running smoothly.

There is plenty of experience and expertise in IGU manufacture and also about energy efficient glazing within the team, so if customers have any questions, we can always find the answer.

What Makes You Proud to Work at Edgetech & Quanex?

I’m proud to be a part of Quanex because it is a forward-thinking organisation that is always looking to grow. It means we have a strong emphasis on offering the best customer service and the financial backing from them to invest in the infrastructure and support systems to make this possible.

Edgetech is a good company to work for, and to deal with, because it is large enough to offer a broad product range, but small enough to offer a detailed, personal approach to every customer we help.

Edgetech COVID-19 Update

Edgetech COVID-19 Update
13 May 2020

Further to our update on 30th April regarding our intention to work towards reopening customer services for order processing and deliveries week commencing 11th May, I am pleased to confirm the following increase in our service availability and contact details for each department:

Customer Services
The usual customer service channel of ordering is now open once again from 8.30am-5pm.
Deliveries are available daily for most products – please place your order by 2pm for next day delivery.
Collections can now be made from our Coventry office every morning, Monday-Friday – please place your order by 2pm the previous day so we can check stock and prepare it for dispatch.

Please use the following contact methods for placing or discussing orders:
Phone: 07515 576484

Our online ordering system is also available which may help you to enable your purchasing teams to work from home more ably. For more information on this or to have an online account set-up please contact Charlotte Mercer, Head of Marketing, on

Please contact our accounts team by email on:

Area Managers
To discuss your account or for technical queries please contact Tony Palmer, Head of Sales, on:
Phone: 07738 800779

We built up some stocks of product before the shutdown as contingency in the case of COVID-19 affecting our ability to manufacture. Initially we will be supplying orders from stock, but have put in place all safety measures to ensure our employees can return safely as soon as, depending on order volumes, we begin manufacturing again. We will be working to maintain our usual delivery standards but please be aware lead times and availability of products may be affected during this time.

We appreciate the positive way in which businesses have worked together in navigating our way through this crisis; let’s hope the country and our industry can continue to rebuild and grow even stronger once the worst has passed.

We’re delighted to be returning to some form of normality and want to reassure you that you have our full support, as always.

Stay safe,

Chris Alderson
Managing Director

Edgetech COVID-19 Update for Customers

Edgetech COVID-19 Update for Customers
4 May 2020

Further to our update on 8th April regarding the extension of our temporary shutdown of the business, I am pleased to confirm that we are working towards a reopening date of the sales office on 11th May with deliveries to restart later that week.

We have been using the time since we shutdown to work on a safe return plan, put stocks of PPE and sanitiser in place, implemented new working procedures and policies on strict social distancing – all so we can ensure the safety of our employees and customers when we begin to work.

We will be continuing our collection only basis orders on Thursday 7th May for important and urgent orders which has enabled us to successfully keep our customers operating through this time. If you would like to place an order for collection during that time please contact Tony Palmer on or 07738 800779 as soon as possible.

We built up some stocks of product before the shutdown as contingency in the case of COVID-19 affecting our ability to manufacture. Initially, we will be supplying orders from stock, and anticipate beginning manufacturing again towards the end of May, depending on order volumes. We will be working to maintain our usual delivery standards but please be aware lead times and availability of products that we outsource may be affected during this time.

Please do not hesitate to speak to me or Tony if you have any questions.

I am glad to be taking this step forwards knowing we can do so safely, and look forward to the time when we can return fully to normality.

Kind Regards,

Chris Alderson
Managing Director

COVID-19 Edgetech Shutdown Update

COVID-19 Edgetech Shutdown Update
14 April 2020

In light of the escalation in the government’s guidance regarding the COVID-19 situation, we took the decision on 24th March to temporarily shut down the business for 3 weeks so that our employees could all adhere to the government’s guidance not to attend work unless absolutely necessary.

We have been closely monitoring the government statements since then and, based on the expected continuation of the strict social distancing rules, we will not be manufacturing for a further period beyond originally communicated.

In order to support our customers who are still operating during this time, manufacturing important products for construction of NHS medical facilities etc, we will be servicing some limited orders on a collection only basis at specific times. To discuss placing an order for collection please contact Tony Palmer on or 07738 800779 as soon as possible. By putting this into place we are able to keep our employees safe while balancing the need to keep our customers running as they undertake their crucial work.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and we will communicate as soon as we are able to bring our employees safely back into the facility to restart manufacturing and when we are able to ship out orders again. All major service updates will be posted on our website so please bookmark

I will hopefully have more positive news to share on my next update but until then, I hope you stay safe, look after yourselves and each other.

Kind Regards,

Chris Alderson
Managing Director

COVID-19 Edgetech Shutdown

In light of the escalation in the government’s guidance regarding the COVID-19 situation, we have taken the decision to temporarily shut down the business for 3 weeks from 25 March so that our employees can all adhere to the government’s guidance not to attend work unless absolutely necessary.

We have been closely monitoring the situation and advice over the past weeks and taking steps to keep our employees safe while balancing the need to keep service levels consistent for our customers. Our decision on this has not been made lightly but at this point, we believe that doing the right thing is now to close our business to keep our employees safe by enabling them to fully adhere to the government’s guidance not to attend work unless absolutely necessary.

We will continue monitoring the situation during this time and will review this decision during the third week, week commencing 13th April. We will then update our communication on how we will proceed based on government advice at that point. All major service updates will be posted on our website so please bookmark

It is our sincere hope that if we stand behind the guidance as a nation it will help us to be able to return to normality at the earliest opportunity.

I hope you and your families stay safe and look forward to when we can put this unsettling time behind us.

Kind Regards,

Chris Alderson
Managing Director

If we’re going to hit net zero by 2050, we need a retrofit revolution

Edgetech Managing Director

A new study shows that homes in many European countries are three times as thermally efficient as Britain’s. Edgetech’s Chris Alderson argues it’s yet more evidence the UK needs a retrofit revolution.

Last year, Britain became the world’s first major economy to commit itself to going carbon neutral by 2050.

Now, new research has highlighted the scale of the challenge ahead of us if we’re going to achieve that extremely ambitious target.

A study of 80,000 homes by German tech firm tado GmbH found that British properties lose heat up to three times quicker than those in other European countries.

Researchers measured how much heat homes from each country lost over five hours when the temperature inside was 20°C, and the temperature outside was 0°C.

The average Norwegian home lost just 0.9°C. German homes lost just 1°C. Sweden, Denmark and Austria were close behind at 1.2°C.

But the average for British homes lagged far behind at 3°C.

Britain’s ageing homes

There won’t be a single, simple explanation for the gulf that separates homes here and those on the continent – but one key factor is likely to be the age of Britain’s housing stock.

According to a 2015 survey by the Department for Communities and Local Government, 20% of Britain’s houses were built before 1919, and 30% were built before the Second World War.

In Europe, it’s a different story. Huge swathes of the continent were destroyed in the War, which meant many towns and cities had to be rebuilt and went on to offer more modern standards of energy efficiency as a result.

While some parts of the UK underwent heavy bombing, our housing stock survived the six-year conflict relatively unscathed.

The race to decarbonise by 2050

But the reason those figures are so significant is that decarbonising UK homes is vital if we’ve got any chance of meeting that 2050 target.

Home energy accounts for around 20% of our total carbon emissions, with three-quarters of it produced by space and water heating – which would be enough to make thermal efficiency a key priority even on its own.

Thermal Imaging

But it’s made even more critical by the fact that other sectors of the economy are much harder to decarbonise – making big leaps in home thermal efficiency will be difficult, but nowhere near as hard as achieving the same in farming and aviation, for example.

So far, though, the government seems to be focusing on ensuring thermal efficiency in new-build properties, rather than existing ones.

From late 2019 through to February of this year, it ran a consultation, designed to help decide how Building Regulations change in light of the 2050 target.

At the time of writing, the government appears to favour a course of action that would cut the carbon output of UK new builds by 31% using solar panels, air-source heat pumps, and other high-tech solutions. The GGF voted to endorse those proposals earlier this year.

However, there also needs to be a major focus on retrofitting existing properties – and bringing them closer in line with the levels of thermal efficiency seen in Norway, Germany and elsewhere.

The retrofit revolution

We need to be clear about the scale of the challenge. Four out of five of the homes people will live in by 2050 have already been built.

Research by the Institution of Engineering & Technology and Nottingham Trent University estimates that around 26 million UK homes need retrofitting between now and 2050.

And as an industry and as a society more broadly, that means we need to be doing everything we can to make that happen. It’s an enormous challenge, but with enough commitment, it’s very possible.

In the Netherlands, they’ve been experimenting with a radical but highly successful approach they call Energiesprong – ‘energy leap’ in English.

Its proponents have calculated that although more costly in the short-term, it’s far more effective to comprehensively retrofit homes in one go, rather than doing it in fits and starts.

As part of the Energiesprong process, homes are able to achieve near carbon-neutrality with the installation of rooftop solar panels, and a highly thermal efficient external envelope.

The only catch – it costs around £60,000 per home.

Government has to lead the way

As an industry, there are steps we can take to help the UK achieve net-zero by 2050.

The widespread adoption of installation products like Trufit – our impregnated installation tape, which delivers much greater thermal efficiency than silicone – would have an impact.

So would selling the benefits of triple-glazing, ‘clever’ double-glazing and solar control glass.

But given the scale of the challenge, and the enormous costs involved, it’s clear that we’re never going to achieve that net-zero target without huge government investment.

The cost of a comprehensive retrofit is far beyond what most homeowners could afford – and without incentives, it seems highly unlikely that many would take those drastic steps even if they could swallow the cost.

In other words, we’ve all got a part to play in reaching net-zero – but the government has to take the lead.

For more information please call + 44 (0) 2476 639931 or visit

Online and in person, putting customers at the centre is Edgetech’s highest priority

Edgetech Charlotte

Edgetech’s Head of Marketing Charlotte Mercer explains how the warm edge pioneers are embracing technology to deliver outstanding customer service

The future of shopping is online.

Retail has already been rocked by the rise of Amazon and its equivalents, and we’ve seen household names suffer. Traditional retailers are more focused than ever on their online presences as a result.

The scale of the shift has been spectacular. In 2017 alone, internet-only sales increased by 15.9%. By August 2018, 18.2% of the UK’s retails sales were made online.

And it’s only going to accelerate in the decade ahead. Analysts GlobalData expect online shopping to increase 30% by 2024, while Retail Economics foresee it at least doubling in the next ten years.

24/7 functionality for IGU manufacturers’

Fenestration, and construction more generally, is in many ways a totally different world. Industry has tended to lag behind retail and the high street when it comes to embracing the digital revolution.

But it’s inevitable that people who are used to purchasing more and more online in their personal lives are going to want and expect that in business too.

And that, combined with a long-term commitment to making IGU manufacturers’ lives as convenient as possible, is why we’ve launched Edgetech’s very first e-commerce platform.

With our quick and intuitive online ordering system, our customers can now place orders in minutes, wherever they are, and whenever suits them best.

Alongside that 24/7 functionality, it lets you make repeat orders with the click of a button and track your purchase from initial order to dispatch and delivery.

Quantity-based savings are applied automatically, and, for larger orders, you can upload directly from Excel.

Complementing our online ordering system, we’ve also brought in electronic invoicing and electronic delivery tracking to make dealing with us as straightforward as possible – and to help drastically reduce the amount of paper we use. As a business, Edgetech is firmly committed to sustainability – after all Super Spacer has helped make millions of buildings all round the world more thermally efficient – and we’re constantly looking for ways to reduce our ecological impact.

Edgetech Customer Fulfilment Team

With all that, our hope is to make our customers’ lives just that little bit easier. But while online is important, e-commerce isn’t something we’ve implemented in isolation. In fact, it’s part of a much bigger ongoing shift in how we operate at Edgetech.

Since 2016, we’ve been committed to putting the needs of our customers at the centre of everything we do. We’re examining every aspect of our business, and making radical changes to the way we work with one aim in mind – better meeting the needs of IGU manufacturers.

In the last twelve months, we’ve completely reorganised our admin and customer-facing teams to offer even better service.

All departments that are heavily involved with customers on a day-to-day basis have been merged to form a new Customer Fulfilment Team.

Our receipt of goods, customer service, production specialists and others are now based in the same office, allowing them to offer a much more agile, streamlined, joined-up service.

These reforms have had an immediately positive impact – shortly after they were implemented, we went two weeks without a single back order for the first time in more than twelve months!

Best-ever customer feedback

We’re also strongly focused on measuring customer service – and we’re delighted to say recent surveys have returned the most positive results we’ve ever recorded.

We use the Net Promoter Score system for gauging customer satisfaction. Each quarter, we select forty customers at random and ask them how likely they are to recommend us on a scale of one to ten.

By subtracting the number of Detractors (people who give us six out of ten or less) from the number of Promoters (nine out of ten or above), you’re left with a total Net Promoter Score, which is used to measure overall customer satisfaction.

Our NPS scores have been steadily climbing over the last year – from 47 in July 2018 to 62 in November 2018 (a score of 50 is regarded as excellent).

In Q1 of last year, however, the company achieved 94 – the best result in Edgetech’s history, and probably one of the best NPS scores ever recorded!

That tells us we’re going in the right direction – but we’re not complacent. Whether it’s online or in person, we’ll continue striving to put customers at the centre until we can say with confidence that we’re the most customer-focused business in our industry.

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How does warm-edge perform in extreme temperatures?

Windows are everywhere. You find them in every climate, on every continent on earth – and if you want to make IGUs (Insulating Glass Units) that can withstand whatever nature throws at them, the spacers you use need to be exceptional.

Thankfully, time and time again, warm-edge spacers have demonstrated outstanding performance, even in extreme temperatures.

Take our tried-and-tested Super Spacer, for example – currently celebrating thirty years of active service.

Subject to rigorous performance testing, Super Spacer has been shown to excel in temperatures from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius.

To put that into perspective: -40°c is a winter’s day in Antarctica. The highest temperature ever recorded – in Death Valley, California, back in 1913, was 56.7°c.

In other words, whether it’s the desert, the South Pole, or anywhere in between, Super Spacer is up to the task.

The Opus, Dubai – temperatures up to 49°c

One of the most spectacular projects to use Super Spacer happens to be in one of the hottest cities in the world – Dubai, where summer temperatures have been known to reach a roasting 49°c.The Opus Super Spacer Project

The Opus is a 21-storey tower, designed by celebrated Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, that pushes physical and technological boundaries to achieve its extraordinary melting ice-cube shape.

It’s got a 6,000 square-metre flowing glass façade, and its central ‘void’ section consists of 4,554 irregularly-shaped IGUs, the vast majority of which were completely unique.

And if all that wasn’t a big enough challenge for its designers, they had the often intense heat to contend with.

In hot climates, a warm-edge spacer has to work particularly hard to hermetically seal the space between the panes. The constant expanding and contracting of the glass as temperatures rise and fall create constant force.

That means only a spacer as strong and reliable as Super Spacer was up to the task.

Gostiny Dvor, Moscow – temperatures as low as -42°c


And at the other end of the spectrum, Super Spacer played a critical role in the installation of a breath-taking glass roof on a historic shopping complex in chilly Moscow.

At the time it was built, it was the largest self-supporting glass roof in Europe – and had been ingeniously designed to cope with the Russian capital’s heavy winter snowfall.

The roof’s glass panels radiate heat – up to 65°c if necessary – allowing them to melt the snow!

Super Spacer’s flexible design was crucial to making this complex process work. Its shape-memory means that even when subject to the weight of heavy snow, or the heat produced to melt that snow, an IGU made with Super Spacer always returns to its original shape when those forces decrease.

Quality warm edge spacers; Exceptional performance – whatever the weather

Edgetech’s warm-edge technology offers exceptional performance whatever the weather. If you’d like to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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