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Super Spacer Training Resources by Edgetech UK

1 Insulating Glass Plant Overview

2 Super Spacer Box Package ~ Inspection & Opening of Spacer Box

3 Installing Super Spacer Reel on Reel Stand and Liner Remover

4 Desiccant Activity Test Kit

5 Glass Washing

6 Applying Super Spacer with Standard Super Spacer Shuttle

7 Sealing the Final Corner with Mylar Tape

8 Applying Super Spacer with Super Spacer Euroshuttle

9 Muntin Grid Application

10 Glass Matching & Whet Out ~ Manual and Roller Press Applications

11 Whet Out Inspection Before Gas & Sealant Application

12 Argon Gas Filling

13 Secondary Sealant Application

14 Super Spacer Storage After Use

15 Standard Super Spacer Shuttle Maintenance

16 Euroshuttle Maintenance

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