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Edgetech gives a warm reception to returning R&D expert

PR278 - Gary Shoesmith, Edgetech Technical Development ManagerWarm edge pioneers Edgetech are welcoming the return of a key former member of senior staff after a three-year hiatus.

Gary Shoesmith served as Edgetech UK’s Director of Operations and Quality between 2008 and 2014, and now re-joins the organisation as Technical Development Manager.

Gary’s appointment significantly bolsters Edgetech’s local R&D capabilities. Working with Ohio-based R&D colleagues from US parent company Quanex Building Products, and reporting directly to Edgetech UK Managing Director Chris Alderson, Gary will be charged with spearheading a number of key projects aimed at further developing Edgetech’s already industry-leading product range.

Gary commented: “It’s been a great experience returning to Edgetech UK – the wonderful welcome I’ve received has made me feel right at home again, and the company’s commitment to continual investment in safety, quality, training and an expanded infrastructure was immediately clear upon my return.

“In a market that’s growing ever more competitive, differentiating yourself through innovation and an extensive range of unique, high-quality products is essential. It’s that innovation process that I’m here to resource and drive – and I’m confident that given our decades of expertise and well proven technology, we’ll be able to stay ahead of the field, to deliver even more value and choice to our customers.”

Chris Alderson, Edgetech UK Managing Director comments: “It really is excellent news that we now have Gary back with us. Our goal for the next ten years is to cement our position as the UK’s spacer supplier of choice, known for our commitment to continuous improvement and product innovation – and this appointment is an important part of facilitating that. Gary has been instrumental previously in bringing new products to market with Edgetech and we’re already benefitting from his knowledge. After a decade manufacturing in Coventry we’re on the cusp of another period of growth and advancement – making it a hugely exciting time for Edgetech and our customers.”

Founded in 1989, and today forming part of global building products group Quanex, Edgetech revolutionised the industry with the introduction of the game-changing Super Spacer flexible warm edge spacer bar. Currently celebrating a decade of manufacturing at its Coventry headquarters, Edgetech offers a comprehensive range of components for warm edge windows.

TruFit wins fans during Master Fitter Challenge

PR277 - FIT Show Master Fitter ChallengeEdgetech’s innovative Trufit insulation tape played a central role in this year’s Master Fitter Challenge, the two-day test of skill that’s been a FIT Show highlight since the event began.

The ever-popular competition saw six teams of experienced installers battle it out to fit windows, residential and bifold doors and a roof lantern, all under the eagle-eyed gaze of professional GQA assessors and show-goers from throughout the industry.

This year, the competitors were faced with an extra challenge – the window and residential door had to be fitted with Edgetech’s TruFit insulation tape, a product most of them had never used before. But as Edgetech’s head of marketing Charlotte Davies explains, initials nerves were quickly replaced with relief as they got to work.


“To start with, the competitors were a bit sceptical about TruFit, which was understandable – they’d never used it before, they were under a lot of pressure, and were facing the prospect of having to quickly get used to and effectively apply an unfamiliar product while being scrutinised by experts in the field.

“Thankfully, though, it didn’t take them long to realise that TruFit has been designed with ease of use in mind. Where silicone can be messy, expensive and inconsistent, TruFit tape is easy to apply and provides industry-leading weather-tightness, air-tightness, and thermal and acoustic insulation – and by the end, some of the contestants were asking for boxes of TruFit they could take away and use on their day-to-day installations!”

Mick Clayton, GQA CEO commented: “It was great to see TruFit included in the challenge for two reasons. Firstly, it pushed the competitors out of their comfort zone so we could see how they handled an unfamiliar product under pressure, and secondly, it exemplified the kind of outstanding installation work we wanted the contestants to achieve. If it’s not installed or insulated correctly, then even the highest specification window isn’t going to achieve its potential.”

David Keates of DK Windows, the firm that walked away with the top prize of £5,000, commented: “In the beginning, we were wary of TruFit – we’d never used it before, and we were worried that a new product might hold us back. In fact, it’s extremely easy to use, and we’ll definitely be considering using it on future installations!”

TruFit, provided by Edgetech in association with manufacturing partner Tremco Illbruck, is a compressed foam insulating seal. The tape expands to effectively seal all gaps and spaces between the frame and wall to ensure consistent weather protection, air-tightness and eliminate draughts.

For more information please visit:

Edgetech to demonstrate the science of warm edge at upcoming FIT Show

PR204 - The Science of Warm Edge Technology -Internationally acclaimed spacer bar manufacturer Edgetech, a Quanex company, is bringing the ‘science of warm edge’ to the upcoming FIT Show.

Since 1985, when it first launched the ground-breaking Super Spacer flexible foam spacer product, Edgetech has led the market in driving energy efficiency and improving productivity.

Edgetech’s interactive science-themed FIT Show stand will give visitors a glimpse of the scientific rigour it has brought to product development and testing over the last thirty years. Practical demonstrations of Edgetech’s entry-level manual application equipment will show how quick, easy and cost effective it is to manufacture insulated glass units with Super Spacer and is always a popular feature at exhibitions.

“It’s our dedication to intensive research, extensive testing and innovation that’s always stood Edgetech out from the competition,” commented Head of Marketing, Charlotte Davies. “We take a scientific approach to everything we do to ensure that our product quality is second to none. It’s that ethos we’ll be looking to showcase at the NEC later this month. We have absolute confidence in the performance of our product, not only from laboratory testing but also as it’s been tried and tested in the field for over 30 years. The FIT Show gives us the opportunity to let visitors conduct experiments themselves to experience Super Spacer’s outstanding performance first hand.

“We’ve appeared at every FIT Show since the event began, and this year it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. We can’t wait to head to Birmingham and show the industry what we can do. Whether you’re an installer looking to ensure the components in your windows will stand the test of time, a fabricator looking for a cost-effective way to begin manufacturing IG or an IGU manufacturer looking to partner with a company you can trust, we encourage you all to join us on stand E12.”

Founded in 1989, and today forming part of global building products group Quanex, Edgetech revolutionised the industry with the introduction of the game-changing Super Spacer flexible warm edge spacer bar. Currently celebrating a decade of manufacturing at its Coventry headquarters, the company offers a comprehensive range of components for warm edge windows.

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JWC Group Spots The Trends

JWC-Group-Spots-the-Bifold-TrendsEdgetech Super Spacer® customer JWC Group has seen big increases in the number of large units required for bi-folding and sliding doors.

Jim Churchill, Managing Director at JWC Group explains: “Thirty years’ experience in the industry has given me a good eye for spotting trends. The biggest one at the moment is bi-folding doors, the perfect solution for homeowners looking to improve their living areas by merging inside and outside spaces.

“By taking note of end-user trends, we can adapt our product range so it’s focussed on helping our installer customers meet homeowner demand.

“That’s why we started using Super Spacer six years ago. With Window Energy Ratings being so widespread, we needed a product that helped us to offer A-rated, warm edge windows that stand the test of time.

“Super Spacer is a high-specification product and the industry-leading guarantee is a massive bonus that we can give to customers. As well as offering thermal efficiency, Super Spacer is quick to apply, so it gives us the best productivity with reduced labour costs.”
Another trend the Rotherham-based IGU manufacturer and fabricator is looking to capitalise on is coloured profile.

Jim continues: “Homeowners don’t just want white or dark brown windows anymore, they’re looking for more varied and stylish options. That’s why we’ve also invested in a spray shop to help installers offer more PVCu colour choices for end-users. Super Spacer is the ideal product for this trend too due to the unique way the foam material reflects the frame. This simplifies our component stock requirements as we don’t have to carry many different colours of spacer bar.”

Alan Fielder, director of sales and marketing at Edgetech comments: “In recent years the industry as a whole has improved its offering significantly and installers are embracing the opportunities from promoting superior products and diversifying their portfolio for homeowners. This is great to see and a far cry from the days when white PVC was the start and end of the home presentation!
“In times of increasing complexity for the supply chain Super Spacer is simply the best solution – seamless aesthetics for every frame combination in one product.

“Thermal performance is now a given and customers, like JWC, are enjoying the additional productivity, proven durability and aesthetic benefits they have with Super Spacer. We look forward to supporting our customers through many more trends to come.”
For more information on JWC Group, visit: For more on manufacturing IGUs with Super Spacer click here.

What the trend for bi-folds means for insulated glass unit manufacturers

As published in Glass & Glazing Products Magazine – December 2016


Chris Alderson, Managing Director for Edgetech UK, talks about the continued trend for bi-folds and wide span sliding doors and the impact they have for insulated glass unit manufacturers.

Manufacturing oversized insulated glass units for Bi-fold Doors - Image Credit: AluFoldDirectWhat the trend for bi-folds means for insulated glass unit manufacturers

Talk to anyone in the industry, and they will tell you that bi-folds and wide span sliding doors remain the biggest growth area. The latest Palmer Report predicts that this will continue to increase, and that aluminium doors are growing faster than PVCu – although both are up.

When we talk about bi-fold and wide span doors, it’s easy to think only about the frames. Systems companies promote the extra height and width they can squeeze out of each leaf, and bigger is better.

Door manufacturers have been looking at ways to improve the thermal efficiency of bi-fold and wide span doors. While Building Regulations require a minimum U-value of 1.8 W/m2K for doors, we are seeing more claims of 1.6 and even 1.4 and it’s the glass units that play a big part in delivering thermal efficiency.

Triple glazed units can be used to increase energy performance, but the extra weight of the glass can be problematic in these oversized units. A 6mm pane of glass in a 1.8m x 2.1m door could add up to eight and a half stone. The alternative is to choose better performing ‘clever doubles’ using warm edge technology. Using double rather than triple glazed units makes door leafs lighter so they’re easier to handle and makes them the first choice for most fabricators and installers of bi-folds and wide span doors.

Weight is an important consideration during the manufacturing process too. Automation reduces manual handling, which is a big benefit for heavier insulated glass units. It also maximises speed and efficiency in production.

However, it’s not just making standard glass units bigger, these oversized IGUs can’t be treated the same as smaller ones. To start with there’s the issue of deflection. A large rigid spacer bar frame is likely to bend and even a small variance could cause the spacer bar to protrude into the sightline. Super Spacer® is designed not to move, the acrylic seal on either side of the bar creates a strong bond with the glass which keeps it in place during manufacture. And Super Spacer references the glass edge as the unit is made so it is perfectly level.

This bond counteracts another possible issue with IGUs. Glass units are subject to cavity expansion and contraction as temperatures rise and fall, and this is exaggerated in larger units. Super Spacer’s flexibility means it can allow for movement which prevents the glass cracking under stress, whilst maintaining its exceptionally strong adhesion to the glass. It does not set under compression, so it maintains its structural integrity in pressure glazing situations and will always look to return to its original shape and dimension.

Customers tell us that large glass units are now making up a bigger percentage of their production. As well as supplying the right products, Edgetech has the technical expertise to support insulated glass unit manufacturers who are facing this change.

As you would expect from the driving force for energy efficient glazing, the Edgetech range of warm edge spacers includes a product that was developed as the ideal system for manufacturing larger units. Super Spacer Premium Plus has led the way in commercial structural glazing. It has been proven in IGUs of up to 15 metres in length without issues of movement or deflection and comes with an industry best 40-year guarantee.

If, as predicted, numbers of bi-fold and wide span sliding doors continue to grow, the importance of delivering large, high quality, energy efficient glazed units will become even more important. Super Spacer Premium Plus offers IGU manufacturers, fabricators and installers complete peace of mind.


Proven system

Royal Alexandra Hospital
Royal Alexandra Hospital

Super Spacer Premium Plus is not a new product. It was actually the original version of Super Spacer introduced in 1985 and has shown exceptional performance for large glass units. It’s been used continuously over the last 32 years and has been fitted in massive projects throughout the world.

In 1992, 25 years ago, it was chosen for a new glass atrium of the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Canada. The city often experiences heavy snowfall, severe storms and temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius, but inside the humidity is kept at 50 percent to reduce the risk of infection.

For the project, more than 13,000 metres of Super Spacer were processed and to date no glass unit has had to be exchanged, nor any condensation formed on the windows. Super Spacer was specified for another development at the hospital in 2005.

You can read the full project case study here: Royal Alexandra Hospital Case Study

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